Full nudity ETA

Please bring full nudity back, it’s been months and you yourself said that the problem has been solved internally for a while. Why can’t you release the hotfix or at least give us a fairly accurate date? Many of us are asking you this and have also been very patient


While I fully understand wanting the full game as it’s meant to be, I feel compelled to ask the urgency (or demand) of such a minor feature? Normally I would simply roll by thinking “to each his own” but I’m noticing a few threads popping up on this subject. I’m simply curious as to why it’s such a ‘thing’, for lack of a better term.

I don’t think they will release a hot fix for a single issue, especially something as minor as nudity. It will come with the next major patch hopefully.

They said next patch, And they have alot to adjust and fix on consoles. Abunch of minor stuff that constantly for past few years gets knocked off work table.

With so many other major issues, (Few shared with PC, who will likely get fix before us) in few weeks to months.
And it’ll hopefully be bundled in with it…

Even minor features can impact your game experience enough to be the difference between wanting to play and not wanting to. And no, I don’t mean anything pervy about the lack of full nudity making someone not want to play. I mean the difference between expectations and reality. If you go into an environment expecting a certain atmosphere and what you get is something that’s at best a toned down and homogenized version of what you expected, it can have a negative effect on your desire to stay.

It’s a little like going to a party expecting loud music, wild dancing and cheap beer, but what you get is root beer, chex mix and polite conversation. It’s not quite the same experience.

All that said, hotfixes are generally reserved for game breaking stuff that can actually block the game from functioning and nudity doesn’t qualify.


Fair enough.

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I am male, straight and I have a male character, so no perversion or something like that. Simply this feature, gave a sense of wildness that perfectly represented Conan’s world, so I’m very sorry that it is no longer there and since internally it has already been solved I would have hoped for a special hotfix already.


After some screen shots from a friend my wife and I would like the option. Not saying we would run around naked all the time but option would be good. Not happening any time soon in the US. Not worth the effort to get a European version.

So if you were a gay female there would be perversion? Anyway, it was a disappointment to lose full nudity with the expansion, I was used to it and it made the game unique. And yes perversion and lust are part of the product feature list. I don’t like to have features removed,specially distinctive ones.


Pfft. Obviously. There’s nothing more perverted than a gay female playing a male character. It’s right up there with whips, latex and pikachu. :crazy_face:


They should at least put Barbie/Ken Doll Features in as placeholders for Playstation players. It could be listed as “Barbie Girl Aqua-lonian” setting.

Playstation in Plastic… it’s fantastic!


Agreed this should be completely unlocked and managed through settings by the player. As adults we reserve the right to choose the content displayed.

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