I really wish consoles could get full nudity

Now don’t get your panties in a knot development team and forums user. This is a discussion on full nudity. Not a suggestion to add it.

I was really disappointed when consoles lack full nudity. This means no full body naked barbarians running at you. This also means no full nudity tattoos either. This means no future gentility tattoos. These tattoos would have been permanent until you use a sloughing fluid. Gentility tattoos or gentility warpaints would have had emotes you could have on your gentiles. I wanted to add Full body Nudity Warpaints. The difference is full body nudity Warpaints adds armor as long as your not wearing clothes. They offer a max plus 7 to a stat,Armor,weather protection and speed bonus. The best part of full nudity Warpaints is all have max heat and cold protection. They have a total armor rating of basic light armor set. The reasons I wanted warpaints permanent until you use sloughing fluid was for full body Warpaints. I was hoping these would be beautiful works of art.

Full nudity would also allow gentility piercings. So much you could have done with full nudity on consoles. Everyone makes there Male on PC have huge gentiles. If you make one super small people will laugh at the naked Male. If they have no armor pull out your steel sword or weapon and kill the laughing players. Surprise kill. Nudity allows you to freak people out. Be the opposite of your gender in real life then use a mic. Every distraction helps. Nudity helps female Toons survive. Nudity is a weapon. Easier to kill perverts as a female naked Toon. Also I notice people help female toons more than male toons. There are many ways to use full nudity as a weapon and trap.

I am just disappointed that full nudity can’t be add to Conan Exiles consoles version. All that wasted potential it could of have.

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As it’s been pointed out many times … there is full nudity on consoles so long as you are NOT based in the USA …
but aside from that issue of the censorship is country not console regulated … When you strip off all your armour/clothing in the game then the game treats you as being naked even if you have no or partial nudity filters on … the cloth loincloth and/or cloth breast covering that you see on yourself and all others (players and NPCs) is NOT actually a clothing item you can interact with or provides any function … it’s just computer auto-generated modesty filter items … and it’s only what YOU see …if in a multiplayer game and you chose partial nudity and another choses see full nudity … when you are naked YOU see the auto-generated modesty clothing but the other person sees you naked.

So full body functional warpaints that replace armor would STILL work on a character where a nudity filter is active … you would just have the sections under the nudity filter clothing not visible. Ditto you could still equip genital piercings if they were introduced but wouldn’t see them … which yes I know defeats the purpose of equipping them if they are purely decorative

… but really such an obsession over viewing pixel genitalia in a computer game I just don’t get… it makes no difference to me if my opponent is naked or clothed…if he’s the thrall I’m after he’s knocked out if he’s not he’s dead meat for loot & my Mitra potion production … and in a PvP world a naked opponent is weaker than clothed … less hit points…not able to gain as many attribute buffs…etc


Read the topice before posting.

I did, and frankly I’m not too sure what to make of it. You say you wish consoles could have nudity enabled and then go off on some trip about genital tattoos and piercings. To each their own on that subject I say, but it reads like you sent your bowling ball over the gutter and hit the pins in the neighboring lane.


As was clearly stated and you chose to ignore, console versions DO have full nudity, with the only exception of the US version on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the reason why the US versions can’t have full nudity is due to the ESRB, not Funcom, Microsoft or Sony. Saying console versions don’t have full nudity is simply incorrect, and shows an obvious lack of research.

Also, you state it is simply a discussion and not a suggestion, yet immediately after that statement, you have 2 whole paragraphs of almost nothing but suggestions. You then also tell someone to read before posting, yet they had countered several points of your argument in their post, showing they had clearly read your post.

If you want a console version with full nudity, simply either create an Xbox/PSN account from a non-US region and buy it on that account digitally or import a physical copy from somewhere other than the US, it’s not that hard.


I personally don’t see the point of running around in the buff. A person running without armor is playing to a disadvantage, thinking someone will just want to see a naked person and put elimination on hold.

If you did have full nudity on Xbox One, you may find yourself spending more time on partial setting since the full setting removes the ability to take screenshots and videos with the built in app.

As far as adding warpaints and piercings to the game, I would not hold my breath. Since full settings for this rated game is only for the Pegi 18 versions and they would have to release a AO version that no retailer in the states would touch.

The PC Master Race scoffs at you.

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Does setting your consoles region fix this?

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No, it doesn’t, it’s the US console version of the game itself that only has partial nudity at most, for example, playing the US version on an Australian account would still only have partial nudity, but playing an Australian version on a US account would have full nudity.

As far as I know, only the Xbox One can change it’s set region, the closest PS4 can get is having multiple accounts in different regions, which is what I do to buy games that don’t get released here.

I recommend anyone interested in full nudity on the xbox one in the US to look for an older reddit thread about it.

But you didn’t hear that from me :wink:

Have you ever heard of Ween?..

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Yet you’d be perfectly fine with them playing a game with high levels of violence/gore? I never understood why for the US games with extreme violence and gore are perfectly fine to stock on store shelves or to even sell digitally, yet selling any game that shows genitalia is wrong, even more baffling when the game has zero sexual content in it.

What the console is marketed toward wouldn’t matter, it depend solely which market the game is marketed towards, especially when a vast percentage of games these days are marketed toward older audiences. Also, parental controls exist on consoles for a reason, along with actual parenting, if a parent doesn’t want their child to be exposed to nudity, simply make sure they aren’t, it shouldn’t be up to others to pick up a parent’s slack.


You do realize the game is rated mature?

If your kids/teens play it, you did something wrong in your parenting.

On a sidenote: showing the actual inside of human flesh (gore) is better then showing skin?
You folks are weird…


You can‘t argue it’s marketed for kids while acknowledging that it is rated mature.

And as pointed out, full nudity wouldn’t change that rating, as full nudity would be rated mature too.

I have, and I’ve only one thing to say about that.

The ESRB rating is a rating based on the content of the game, not just the gameplay aspect.

Think of GTA:SA, Hot Coffee. The offending content was not accessible for traditional console game play, and required a mod to surface it. The ESRB rated the game based of this.

What this means to this game? The “offending content” cannot be present in the game files. The Pegi 18 versions of the game does not actually have these “offending content,” it is released in the DLC “Full Nudity Pack.”

This content is not available for “sale” in regions that the game is rated at the ESRB system. There are ways to get this content in the States, however this restricts your sharing abilities on Xbox.

This explanation only relates to console release of the game in a digital medium.

Interesting points all around. I will leave it at that because the sign says don’t feed the BEARS. LOL. Great Gaming To U All.

I am an Ancient Lich bound by unlimited power. By saying my name I can resurrect the dead.

Then suddenly the door on your room is violently open with your mom yelling “GET UP BRYAN YOU USELESS KID, HAVE YOUR BREAKFAST AND GO TO SCHOOL”.



He is confused with the marketing of the game and the marketing of the over all system. In the US, the system is marketed as a toy, appropriate for children under 18. games are done individually, and depending on budget and profit goal, will be marketed to where they think they can get the most money and still have some artistic freedom.
I agree with you, as i would not let my daughter play mature level games a majority of her teens. As far as at a friends house, i try to gauge the parents of the friend, hoping they respect what i want for my kid. At the same time, she was allowed to ask questions at her own pace (mainly her mother answered the big ones, but i did try to acknowledge she was okay to ask anything), so over time at 14/15, i allowed her to play certain games/wathc certain movies that other parents wouldn’t. But as a gamer and movie buff, i was also at an advantage to other parents, as i could play test the game/watch the movie in question and decide what i wanted for my child. The rating is more of a guide, but unfortunately, some parents think is a license to not try.