Fix the nudity please

Hi, first of all I would like to say that I love the game, I’ve been playing it almost every day with some friends. But there are some days they aren’t on and I usually wait for them. So in the that spare time I goof around in single player. Witch leads me to the suggestions I have today. No matter how perverted as it sounds. So first off, male character models when crouching nude testicles have an out of place gray texture on them. Witch is a little strange to see. Next, female character models, female character models are missing a vaginal texture where their genitals are supposed to be. But if not male genitals are vastly more textured than female genitals because you can actually tell what they are. Just trying to get that equality, you know females deserve textures too. Next suggestion is more of a glitch than anything. Breast physics on female character are work then don’t work. After testing it many times I think I found the problem. So the first time you spawn into the game breast physics work as intended, crouching and walking around highlight them. But after calming, running around, or removing top clothing the physics are significantly toned down, witch is weird, genital physics on male models works just fine, but female physics are buggy. By the way I am playing on a Playstation 4, so this bug might just be on this console for all I know. I also know someone will suggest mods, but like I said I play on a Playstation 4. I know this post is very strange and maybe a bit weird to read but I don’t see anyone else bring these suggestions up anywhere, and yeah it’s a bit perverted but we all are every once in a while and one of the selling points for Conan Exiles is the nudity. I’m sure someone else feels the sameway somewhere but they just don’t wish to say. One more thing, if you have full nudity on can there be alternate versions of armor? At least on the ones that are more revealing. So if you find time to look into it that would be great.

P.S.- In one livestream I remember hearing Jens (I think) say all creatures have butt holes. But humans don’t have butt holes, HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO ■■■■!? They live there whole lives and can’t crap. It’s so sad.



Nothing perverted about nudity.

There are far more disturbing things in this (and many other games) than nudity.

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Thank you, someone understand. It would also be nice if they added some more customization to the character creator.

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Need to get yourself a decent PC and Conan Exiles on PC. There are only about 18,000 mods or so (maybe only slightly exaggerating) that offer more revealing armor that you requested. One only has to look at the top mods of all time to get an idea on what “sells” in the modding community :stuck_out_tongue: Long story short, join uusssssssssss PC playersssssszzzzzz.


Very true, but I don’t want to leave behind my friends I play the game with. They are one of reasons the game is so fun. Appreciate the offer.

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Right right, good point…

So that means all your friends are getting decent PC’s and getting a steam copy then? Neat!

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I agree, a little more detail and texture fixes won’t hurt the game :slight_smile:

Also, full nudity should change add some alternate armor styles (I am still waiting for female nipple piercing chain for the setite clothing :smiley:)

Btw, breast physics also behave weird when you go into first person, look down onto your breasts and strafe left/right. You’ll see what I am talking about.

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That would be great, but it would be very hard to get multiple people to just, switch platforms for one game.

Glad to hear you agree. I believe the more people who ask for these changes the better the chance Funcom will listen.

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You ask too much. It is already extraordinary, rare and unpublished in the world of video games that a game (in its basic version vanilla and unmodded) incorporates total nudity right out, for its own character and NPCs !

They made a good effort (we should also thank them and congratulate them for that), they created beautiful naked bodies (both women and men), but they will never go further, as you requests. The details of the private parts could certainly be improved but let’s be realistic, never Funcom will go further in the details.

I play with total nudity and it suits me very well, but there is nothing to fix. Even if it would not bother me at all, adding vaginal lips or orifices (…) would be superfluous, secondary and it would generate criticism from some…

This nudity is very much as it is, in its current state. Buttocks of the guys could be improved, but it’s also secondary and optional.

And as someone said, there are other problems that should be corrected, other than nudity. The templates for women’s or men’s faces could be improved for example. And many other things, AI, their behavior, dances…etc., etc.

As for the breasts, I find them very well : when a girl runs, the breasts move about normally. I do not see any problems.

But all this is only my personal opinion.


I’m not saying they’ve done a bad job, I commend them for their efforts to include full frontal nudity of both male and female. It’s very rare to see nudity of this level on console (the European version at least). I’m just suggesting a few improvements, yes if they ignore the request I won’t lose sleep over it, but it would be awesome to add a little more detail on character models in this already amazing and immersive game. There’s always room for improvement.
Thank you for your opinion.


Oh I know. I’m just being silly, either that or I have a secret not so secret plan to brainwash all of you console players to become part of the Conan Exiles PC Master race.


I don’t know if my peasant body could handle the PC master race greatness.

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One of us one of us

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My body is trying to make a Steam account on its own! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!?


Yes quite !

Listen closely and you can hear the voices Josh. “Sexy armor mods” one says. “Female wheel of pain” whispers another.


Sony said external mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim on PS4. Would be nice to get a good PC, but I’m not in the position to get one at the moment.

Here’s an official trailer for the game that advertised the nudity in the game. Seeing that it is in the advertisement should mean that theres room for improvement.

I think you miss the point, as does anyone else who makes this kind of suggestion. You can’t ask the developers to change the type of content it has available to a platform of players without going through the ratings company first. In Europe, they don’t really care and as far as I’ve read they have a free DLC to unlock the nudity settings if they are on xbox (not sure about ps4, I’d imagine so). This is allowed by the region’s rating policy and what a game is allowed to sell on their platform.

The problem with doing that in the US (and perhaps other regions face this too), is that their ratings policy would rate this game AO (Adult only) if it had full nudity in place. This meant a problem for the developers, whether they can even reach their target audience members if they had kept this game as AO because it would of not been on console otherwise. I don’t know the full details other than that’s what I’ve read on when they came to the decision from day 1.

TL;DR it’s not the Funcom’s decision to add full nudity as they please to all platforms. The fact that there is any nudity just proves they are not against the idea, it’s a ratings issue which they cannot dictate.