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Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [aus]

Okay a few things, first noticed a few bugs and things could be improved apon on female textures when nude. First the pubic hair doesnt match the head hair. Real odd looking having a red headed or blond and the pubic hair doesnt match, second why no mesh on for pubic mounds ect like the males have full on swinging junk but the females look like barbie dolls with airbursh painted pubes, No real volume or texture of a pubic mounds or ■■■■■’s ect seems odd for it to have been missed when compaired to the males nude mesh and why no random pubic hair style and amount for both male and female, could help with a bit of diversity. Um also notice thralls tend to get stuck in a starfish pose ater getting knocked out and then also clip into the floor. Also npcs fall though the door to the lower parts of the dregs. Also player bodies tend to not show up for the player when they die so unable to loot back their gear. Um few other things as well but can’t remeber them at this time. Love for some feed back about these issues and sugestions thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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