Fix the nudity please

Interesting ! At home in Europe, or more precisely in France, total nudity didn’t happen immediately. But apparently it was unlocked later.

First, we had to download a free DLC (but buying the game with it) to unlock the total nudity. But now, we do not need the DLC for a long time. (EDIT)

Then, on PC (I don’t know for consoles), despite the rating in PEGI 18 (so not recommended for under 18 years), total nudity is possible, present, BUT, at least in Single Player mode, total nudity is not activated, you must activate it yourself in several files, including the file “game.ini”, the most important.

Has anyone (in the US) tried to change the “NudityLevel=0” setting and replace with “NudityLevel=2” found in the “game.ini” file located in “X: \…\ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Conan Exiles \ ConanSandbox \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor” ?

It doesn’t work at home in the United States ?

I’m not suggesting they add full nudity to the American version of the game. I’m suggesting improvements to the European version of the game. Yes I live in the United States and that’s the reason I got the European version, to have the uncensored definition version of the game. Thank you for your response.


In the United States the PC version of the game has full nudity the moment you load up the game (from what I hear). I got the European version of the game for PS4 from Play Asia and there was no DLC I had to download.

The Aussie version had full nudity from launch on PS4 and it only got a MA15+ rating. We’ve also got games rated R18+ but to get that you need explicit drug use or high impact violence and ■■■.
It’s got nothing to do with Sony, it’s all about your country’s rating system.


I’m in shock that they let this get though at MA15+ here. But the OFLC doesn’t make sense at the best of times.

The problem for american consumers is not Sony or Microsoft. They are perfectly fine with the content in Conan and many other games.
Here in Australia 10% at least of console games are rated R 18+.

The issue with america is the moral stance taken by the large game store companies that dominate the market. They refuse to stock anything with the equivalent 18+ rating AO. This rating is due to wangs. Dismemberment and slavery is cool though.

Funcom would have found it hard to sell this game at all with the AO rating.

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Exact. Now you don’t need the DLC for a long time. I forgot to specify it. I corrected my text above.

I think I have to disagree with you when you say “the problem for America consumers is not Sony or Microsoft”. Sony and Microsoft both don’t allow AO (Adult Only) games on their platforms. AO is 18+, PEGI 18 is well 18+ and it’s like that for every other rating system. The only difference is the American 18+ is not allowed on Sony or Microsoft’s platforms, but if it were to get an 18+ rating in say Europe it would be allowed to be sold. Crazy. Thank you for your response.

In fact, in my research on the net, I made a mistake of deduction. This involved Microsoft’s XBox console, and Microsoft was compelling, at the start of the game’s release in France, to download a DLC on its site (a fake DLC actually, it was probably just a little instruction in a file) to unlock total nudity. Sorry for the false info.

I agree !

I agree also.
The issue is not the american consumer. They want the same uncensored content as every other adult is entitled to.
What I was saying is the gaming stores, since the likes of the hot coffee drama, have taken it upon themselves to prevent this sort of 18+ content by refusing to sell it. Sony, Microsoft and publishers have no choice but to censor games to sell them.


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