How full nudity can be added to all systems

First thing create it as a free DLC.

Second: The DLC only appears on console accounts that are 18 or older.

Third : Forced players to sign an online contract agreeing they are 18 and older. The contract has to be confirmed 3 times.

I’m hoping future full body warpaints. Full nudity is need for Full body warpaints.


Well he’s nothing if not persistent.

I advocate for a new world boss to be implemented.
He takes the form of a rogue barbarian that wanders the map trying to destroy players pants only. When your pants are gone, so is he.
Could be like the purge, only we would have a “pants” meter or “skull” meter.

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This isn’t TestLive, moving to different category.
Full nudity is available on consoles depending on your rating system.

ESRB = partial nudity
PEGI/USK = full nudity

We cannot change this, sorry. :C


It’s a lot quicker to realize full nudity adds nothing to the game play and move on. I seriously can’t imagine how the mind works in someone who was disappointed by lack of full nudity for more than 2 seconds.


Dude, go online and watch a ■■■■■ or join the PC master race.


I don’t know, if I forget to repair my armor and it breaks mid-combat it leads to all sorts of juvenile hilarity, particularly since it always seems to be the pants item that breaks first.


Nudity adds strategy. Everyone expected heavy armor defenders. No one expects nude players killing them.

Until that PC outdated 3 years later.

PC needs full replacement of graphic cards,sound cards,ROM and etc.

The master race? More like new PC turns old PC into trash.

None of what you just said makes any sense.


You can use nudity as a weapon.

Players expected you to be fully armored.

Let me simplify it for you.

No armor = best dodge and stamina recovery speed.

I want to added nudity in so nude players get bonus stamina recovery and they have best dodge. As well as bonus speed to nude players.

Do you not realize that nothing but a loincloth still counts as “nude”? All it’s there for is to censor dangly bits.


Not only is he still on about it. I told him a month ago why nudity will not be seen on console in the US. Its like you said, its not Funcom that made the decision. Its Sony and Microsoft. They said no. They get to decide what content is on their consoles in which region.

@Bryan_Skull is either stupid or trolling. I’m just going to report him for spamming and let the mods handle him. No need for him to clutter the forums due to naivety or immaturity.


so tape a cartoon penis on your tv and run around without armor. You’re seriously ridiculous


I disagree, full nudity add’s a whole lot when you’re having to run long distances, seeing those beautifully shaped butt cheeks as she runs… just beautiful, and as for the little “bounce” the breasts do after a jump, make me smile every time :heart_eyes:

I understood the censorship to be a country based ruling rather than an MS or PS choice. I play on a PC, but Xbox players in the UK can see full nudity can’t they?

Sound cards are onboard, so no need to replace those.

ROM is soldered onto the mainboard as well, no need to replace the READ ONLY MEMORY.

If you invest into the correct graphic card, it lasts as long as a whole console generation.

“New console turns old console into trash.” FTFY

Pretty much this. The loin cloth is purely a graphic image to cover the part between the legs, it’s not an actual part of the game.

Damn, how many people will it take to convince him that Funcom can not control what a country deems as inappropriate?

yep yup in the dev kit there a BP called character assembler and they check the option and then use the graphic for what option you picked or is allowed. PC master race get on board lol. But seriously loin cloth is about nude i mean its lightweight as nude i mean go wear loin cloth and come back and say how heavy it is.

I’ve been gaming for around 30 years. In that time, I started PC gaming about 20 years ago. I spent 2x as much money on Consoles in half the time and nearly a quarter of titles than I have on PC.

This idea that Consoles are cheaper is a myth. The NES in 1988 was $299. The games were $50 a piece. Adjust that for inflation and you’ll see how much more it cost to play a console in those days.

My last PC before I got this one. Was upgraded at a cost of $900 in 2011. It lasted 7 years. In that time every console has gone to a new generation. Wii to Wii U and now Switch, PS3 to PS4 and PS4+, and so forth.

The average costs for buying new PC parts and new PC games turns out to be as low as 50% of new consoles and their new games. Consoles on average are 50-100% more expensive in PC for the lifetime of the systems in question.

This is all before you start factoring in Steam Sales, Humble Bundles, and GoG. I guess the console equivalent is picking up Q-bert in a flea mall somewhere. But we’re in an age where that’s not going to be possible for much longer.

We need full nudity.

This game feels like a censor cartoon of Conan Exiles.