Still so many bugs!

There is still so many bugs and it looks like they are getting a lot worse since the update.

  1. When you drop items to another player some items don’t appear in inventory but they are there.

  2. Laggy gameplay constant lag spikes.

  3. When crafting on a bench with a worker on, the crafting doesn’t scroll down where it should.

  4. Arrow armour penetration glitch still a thing, just people run around naked with arrows pretty boring and trashy.

Please sort these problems it’s been a while since the update and nothing has happened to be fixed, like I said it’s been a while and getting quite impatient now. I’ve got a lot of friends I play with and we haven’t played since the new update because of these reasons.

Hello @Piercey123, we’re aware of the issues shared here and they will be fixed in upcoming patches. Unfortunately, due to the current festivities, our team’s ongoing patching efforts are delayed until early on next year.

No it’s not because of festivities, these were all happening straight after the mount update.

Stay glitch base under ground André montains . Ridiculous Bug And toxic players

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