List of ecountered bugs

  1. Random crashes when in loading screen right before joining server. (Sound bug followed by black screen and 1 min later error.)
  2. Thralls still fall trough ceilings en foundations
  3. Archers wont attack enemies sometimes
  4. A lot more crashes and blue screens since update. 1 each hour at minimum
  5. Stam bug still working
  6. Rocknoses Sometimes freeze when coambat music starts. Not attacking or walking
  7. Warpaint still not usable
  8. Purge hasnt spawn, like ever atcserver 3503 ( asked multiple players).
  9. The horrible horrible lag, feels like its more frequent than before the update.
  10. Items dissapearing out of workbenches
  11. No option to convert different hides (like hyena) into normal hides in improved arm bench. Serious?
  12. Mobs falling trough foundations that are close to a gate
  13. Sacrafices falling trough the offer place in staircase at dregs
  14. Vulcano thralls dont drop loot
  15. Brimstone nodes unminable with pickaxe
  16. Thralls falling trough map after kocking them out (running out of render fixes the issue)
  17. Thralls dissapairing after lagspike

Thats all i encountered for now.