Massive fps drop after last update (official, pve, #6422)

just entered the server today, after update, and i can’t play it anymore. nothing has been changed in settings. i’ve tested it a month ago, on beta, everything was ok.

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on PvEC 1518 i get so much lag the game is unplayable.

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have normal fps but thralls and npc lagging about 5 sec or even more.Thrall hit melee mob in 20-30 meters distance and kill them

Im on Official server #1098 pvp, and I noticed general FPS drops and thralls getting stuck/rubberbanding an awful lot. Not only my own thralls, but also all NPCs. I also observed another player exhibiting same behaviour.

They run in place for a few seconds, then teleport to their destination. The game used to run fine before the update.

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Relog, had the same issue on test PC. Think it’s a memory issue???

Same issue on #1942. Who would have guessed the update would make the game unplayable once again?! Bazaar works great though

The same thing happens on all official servers, again funcom breaking the game, you can no longer play massive FPS drops and teleportation due to lag and ridiculous deaths due to falls or drowning underwater NPCs do damage at long distance and then appear at your side side. This is unplayable :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same on 1004 (Official PvE). Unplayable due to rubberbanding/lag.

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Same issue on official #1730. Massive lag and thralls stuttering all over.

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I’ll add in that on my private server, we too have horrible lag and performance issues. It’s hosted on G-Portal, uses only a few mods (Pippi, Unlock Plus, LBPR, and Emberlight), and was working virtually flawlessly before the update. Now it’s so laggy that it’s difficult to do any kind of combat. I get hit and take damage by creatures that are 20 yards away and look like they’re just standing there. I don’t think it’s a wise idea to try a purge with the server acting like this.


This is a result of two things: first the new purge, because too many get one at the same time and second they did a change how bases and stuff loads in.

I haven´t found in the patchnotes but have noticed it on my privat owned server. Before the update base was loading faster but every time I teleported home after beeing away the base has to load again.

This I have no more. It now takes way longer for me to load my base but after it when leaving base and teleporting back the base shows up instantly. I didn´t had any waiting times.

I tried it several times today and my base was always loaded when I teleported back.

just realised, that i was playing on “cinematic” preset before update. after reducing gfx, fps came to normal(still not ok, game needs more optimizations). sadly, server lag is persist…

Im shocked that sony and microsoft still sell this game in store! at this point the hole team of funcom should be replaced with people who are actually are know what they doing. Un ■■■■■■ beliebable!!!

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