Too much server lag!

For the past couple days the lag has been so bad that the game is unplayable! It took almost 5 minutes for my follower thralls to stop treadmilling in place and run up to me. Placing objects is almost impossible and enemies cannot be targeted because they keep warping all over the area. :disappointed:


Greetings exile.

Thank you for your report.

Could you please let me know in which server this is occurring on?

Same here

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This issue is on every server, it requires players to be in game for around 30 minutes to start noticing as the desynchronization or lag is building up.

Not sure if it is a known issue on your end about this, but all the below threads are about the same issue. The players do not know what is causing it, but it is only able to be replicated on any server with more than 1 player and after 30ish minutes. Don’t even need to activate purges, but those certainly help push it faster.


Its like funcom trolling us with these questions, just log on literaly any server and try to pvp on official and ul see it? Try ur own game?


It basically took a live stream with them experiencing the problem themselves for them to address the crashing on Siptah.

And their solution was turning off decay timers for the past 3 months (and they are still off).

There seems to be an issue across the Exiled Lands PVE servers - America.

A 5- 10 second delay in actions from the player perspective as thralls skip and mobs appear to be invisible to the player but ai sees them.

I’m currently on server GPortal #1511 but I hear this is happening on literally every single server. I logged in after work and it was even worse! It took like 5 minutes for objects to fully load around me and I’m on a broadband ethernet connection so there’s no way it’s on my end!


Every server. All of them. It’s been unplayable since patch day.


Players and even NPCs are teleporting in fights, become invisible and more things, all after the update.


1732 - lvl 15 zerker in good gear killed by two invisible darfari. did not even see him take damage until his health bar zeroed out. Teleporting, invisible bases with crafted stations hanging in air, invisible enemies and thralls, rubberbanding, unplayable mass frustration at this point. Funcom PLEASE for the love of YOG fix your game.

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LOL I love this reply, and the irony is this is only a small snapshot of all the posts on this topic. I’m guessing RitualGroud’s response was factious? Pretty rude under the circumstances.

It’s happening to every single person on every single server on every platform; there’s no way they’re not aware of this issue. It has nothing to do with purges at all. The fact that they’re trying to pretend this game breaking bug doesn’t exist is not very reassuring…


ALL SERVERS 1940, 1822, Band of outcast

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on ALL the servers…

Thank you for your replies everyone.

We’ve reported this situation internally and are working on a resolution.

We appreciate your patience and understanding demonstrated towards this matter.

They do nothing to fix it, all servers lagggggggggggggggggg

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Ok, so after the hotfix the game is running alot smoother, HOWEVER thralls are still lagging and warping all over the place. People in my server cannot run instances because followers and enemies are running around and not fighting. And my pet Tiger got killed from the same lag.

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All Official Servers

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Is it possible that the large number of npcs being spawned during purges coupled with multiple players getting purged at the same time is what is causing the lag? Is it possible that introducing a purge queue similar to how some games have dungeon queues would fix it? Afterall previously only one base at a time got purged once there purge bar was filled…

That’s actually a great idea! I hope the dev team sees your suggestion. Send them an email with approval. :+1:

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