🚨 Private Servers after Update (with no wipe) - Bugs, Interaction delays, NPC teleportations, etc

Hello, I have my own private server and my players and I are having a lot of problems after installing the Age of War Chapter II update. Since, due to certain properties of my server, I cannot wipe it, because I don’t want to lose all the buildings that I need, so I hope that these problems will be fixed in the next update.

And so, after installing the update on the server, the following problems appeared:

  1. Loading bases and buildings has become very long and more often the contents of bases in the form of decoration are loaded first.
  2. My personal FPS and the FPS of my players became much worse due to the fact that something began to heavily load the PC, even in remote areas of the map where there are no buildings, this can still be seen if you turn the camera towards the center of the exiled lands. (this was not the case before)
  3. Interactions on the server occur with a delay even with low ping (20-30). NPC bots strike with a delay, move with a delay, and in general this applies to different actions; even the creative mode button does not respond for quite a long time. Battles with bosses, with purges, go very badly, because everything twitches and this cannot be called a normal game.

So far these are all the problems that I have discovered and which do not allow me to play this wonderful game normally. I understand that after global updates they usually wipe servers so that there are no errors, but there are RP projects and people who cannot reset the map and all the accumulated progress, because all the work will be in vain and meaningless.

I really hope that Funcom is responsive and I hope that they will be able to fix this problem for those who did not make wipe servers.



Yes, my mainbase is loading in like it takes its last breath and we where only 2 people on the server. Way worse then before. I have a lot of those pink landscape flashing showing until the base loaded in completely.

Greetings everyone.

Thank you for reporting this to us.

Regarding this situation, do you have any mods running on your private server? If so, please let me know which ones.


My server is without mods and is running on my own PC, which is intended only for hosting servers. Again, I repeat that there were no problems before the update.

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I can confirm this as well. I run a dedicated server off my server for myself and 2 other players. We’ve played on this for weeks without issue, after the upgrade, about half our fights are like slide shows where the enemy jitters around and suddenly hits you like some anime ghost ninja. No mods.

Same problem happens on my private server as well. Exact same behaviour as OP described above.

Absolutely unplayable regarding PvE and PvP.

All was good bevore the Chapter 2 patch

Am running several mods on that server, but since the other posts stated vanilla servers, this cant be the source of the problem…

Same problem on officials, unmodded private and modded private, no matter the population. It’s a little better <20 players, but only marginally, it can still takes >45 minutes for a simple house to load :x


Official pve servers are just as bad. The whole update is trash.

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I’m having similar problems on my private server. I am the only on on the server and there are no mods (ps5). Lag, slow loads and gray screen/dc.

This has been a problem for us on our private server as well. We have no mods, and did a fresh wipe for this patch.

I notice that the logs are being spammed with this every few seconds. These messages do pop up in logs from time to time when players lag, but it’s the first time I’m seeing Control (Server) in a message like this… and the values are very large compared to the threshold. Normally when lag used to happen, any such messages would only be a little higher than the threshold.

I believe this to be an indicator of the lag. Maybe others with private servers can confirm they have similar messages in their logs?

[2023.09.23-14.33.59:081][893]Network:Warning: Data: FunCombat_PlayerController_C_15 (server) sent 10322.0 bytes per second > 10240 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)

[2023.09.23-14.33.59:081][893]Network:Warning: Data: FunCombat_PlayerController_C_15 (server) sent 88.0 parts per second > 80 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)

[2023.09.23-14.34.03:080][ 88]Network:Warning: Data: Control (server) sent 635688.5 bytes per second > 10240 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)

[2023.09.23-14.34.03:080][ 88]Network:Warning: Data: Control (server) sent 2808.5 parts per second > 80 (sample window size: 2.00 seconds)

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It’s the same on our server.
Today we did tests and with one player on the server there were no problems. The problem started when another player joined the server and everything was normal around the base, but the further away from the base, the greater the lag.

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Same. The game becomes unbearable to play after it has been online for 12 hours or so. Map doesn’t load for 80% (no textures). Insane lag and rubberbanding (mostly enemies and followers). My legs get turned backwards and twisted. I can’t see or stand on land. The list goes on. We are hosting on G-Portal, with mods.

Happens on every server on every system. It’s a desync issue and builds up over about 30 minutes. Restarting the game fixes it for another 30 min. So far Funcom hasn’t acknowledged the issue in spite of every-single-player experiencing it.

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Can confirm the same issue on our private server.

Thanks team!

Same on the server i play.
I have to relog nearly every time when i come back to base because it does not load in.
Fighting in Sepermeru with teleporting npc´s is not fun.
Overall very laggy and player bases do not load in.
Server was freshly wiped before the update and the mods are pippi and amunet server transfer, only these two.

At the moment playing the game is not much fun and the constant relogging is, well very annoying. :frowning:

How many of you are running your servers on a PC?

I am, but had been before this update and did so for weeks without issues.

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AS soon iam near new asagarth everything starts to lag. The NPCs starts to teleport around. Away from that city i can play normally

We have a server running only savage wilds with just 3 users with all the same symptoms only when more than one is on and there is distance between us. We had a separate server available without it and after updating but leaving off savage wilds, didn’t appear to experience the same.

basically the same stuff i am experiencing
weird is that others playing on the same server i play on are not reporting this

for me, i am dropping to about 10 fps every 3 to 5 minutes. the slowdown lasts for about 30 seconds, causes npcs to teleport around and seemingly land attacks from a distance (probably desync)
the game is simply unplayable for me right now.