FPS drop delay lagge PVE-official 1029 EU

After patch server PVE-official 1029 EU lagged drop delay. Unplayble… After start Purge fps 10-12 FPS and NPS teleporting, invivisible damage.All day.
All world fps 40-60. Help please.
My spec PC RTX 4070TI I7 13700 16GB RAM.

Can confirm on same server and we had to stop playing it was so bad! Bases not rendering, npc’s, thralls etc not showing damage, massive fps drop from 144 down to like 60.

My spec is 13900k, RTX 3080ti, 64GB ram so not a pc issue.

same in 1022 pve official and in all private servers i play and no mods aded.


Greetings fellow Exiles.

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, are you facing any longer-than-usual load times or does the game load normally but then the FPS drops? Are you playing via Steam, Epic Games store or Microsoft Store?

Same issue on 1004. I normally run at around 50fps and have had very occasionally seen this before the patch. But since the Age of War chapter2 patch there is ‘no walkable floor’ in most places and followers simply teleport all over the place or run on the spot when commanded to attack. Still getting 50-ish FPS but horrible lag. Other players on 1004 saying in chat they have the same.

Game load normally. Steam PC

Same although I do occasionally get an issue where the ping is to high to join and have to restart the client. Also steam.

Steam, no issues or delay on load, horrendous lag and teleporting players and thralls all night. Had none of these issues before the update. The game is effectively unplayable for me now.

Now i’ve crashed entering sinner’s refuge as has my tribemate and cant even exit once we load back into the server before it crashes again. so we’re effectively stuck!

Official 1036 PVE-C , logged in on 21/09 around 18:45 9 players / ping around 45 my FPS 97-75, and on 22/09 12 players ping 59 / my FPS 97-75 , server definitely lags , effecting Thralls / Mobs - unresponsive / teleporting around / fighting air my mount randomly run in to sky on multiple occasions - when raiding it its Stamina bar don’t regenerate visually , similarly my character HP / Stamina bar is effected - there is noticeable delay before server catch up. All players on server experience it , and its significantly worst after Patch - it was long time lag was this bad , on official 1036 you started having some minor lagging ( noticeable ) when you had 20+ players - even then it was not as bad as now with only 9 …

Game runs of m.2 nvme ,Windows 11 Pro, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.60 GHz , 32.0 GB , Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB (DDR6) (PCIe 4.0)

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