Disable purge until lag is fixed(2-3 purges cause server lag until restart, with enemies teleporting, hitting from 50 meters away)

After server restart, the game works fine. After 2-3 purges have been initiated and completed, the lag remains. The whole game becomes a slide show, with enemies hitting from far away, lag, stamina issues, thralls cannot be placed anywhere, thralls are not following.
All this lag is caused by the constant purges being initiaited. Even if the purge does not start, the server still gets laggy, and this state of things (game is unplayable) lasts for the entirety of the day until server restart or crash.

Purge needs to be disabled until it is fixed. The game cannot be played in this state.
Without the purge, at least we can do dungeons, and build/farm, but because of the purge being spammed by lots of players, we can’t even do these things.

Note: Please consider installing a purge queue. Having 6 purges at the same time kills the server.

There’s no purge setting to turn off.

Disabling it for everyone in a patch makes little sense as this affects only a small amount of servers, and even those that it does affect can simply enforce their own restrictions if they choose or can restart.

Its best to simply wait for a patch to fix the issue which would probably take less time.

It affects all official servers and some private ones.I have played 80% of the time in singleplayer because of this. Still would love to make more progress on my official character.

And I know a few people who play singleplayer and enjoy the purge there, they should be allowed to continue to do so. As should those who are on private servers that can schedule restarts.

If you need your Funcom Provided Server to restart due to lag, feel free to put in a ticket for it.

If only they would take the same approach with server transfers and events.

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