The lag is Real Funcom what did you do?

Server 1502 my lord you load in your good for a few mins and then it all sets in Super lag and i know its not just happening on this server it has tobe on many others i don’t think the Servers where made to handle purges on a high end scale


Same on Siptah 6109

I feel that only two Level X purges happening simultaneously can crash the server. It’s consistently spawning NPCs, creating a large amount of data that needs to be transferred.

Testing these updates on two or three servers shouldn’t be a problem, but on 100+ servers with at least 3-4 players each, it’s sufficient.

Once again, they released an update at the end of the week, on Thursday, not Friday like last time (the decay timer updates). It’s still problematic; you can’t expect your game to work as intended when you leave only one day for fixes – that’s not a wise approach.

Why not schedule updates for Monday morning? If something like this happens (and it surely will happen again), they have the entire week to address it. Most players wouldn’t be upset because some are at school, and some are at work, so they can take a break from the game to focus on other things.


It’s on every server, every platform. I’m on PlayStation and it’s so bad that I have to restart constantly to get it to reset. Often times just to visit my own base. I was helping a friend with purges last night and we had to restart after every purge. One of them I had to restart mid-purge.

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i wonder what they are working on what type of fix ?

today I “helped” with tier 4 purge …the original plan was to have some fun, it turned into a futile search for enemies in lagfest


Dedicated server here. Only five players. NPC enemies jump around, drag themselves with no animations, attack while invisible, dont;update damage doen to them. Cannot open chests half the time.

Server is only loaded to 3%. Gigabytes of free memory. Network bandwidth being used on a few hundred kbps.

No problems before the Thursday patch. Not playable now.


Could it be the Code or something ? that is making this lag this bad ?

Oh yeah i am in Keldy video XD

I confirm, we helped with tier 4 purge, at moment of video i for example attack invisible opponents that show later or in another place.

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Same. Have a dedicated server with 4 players and are experiencing the same issues as well as sempermeru is basically off limits now due to the lag and npcs jumping around and getting attacked by invisible npcs which seems to be massive latency. Idk its bad

It’s on every server and on every platform, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the purges at all. It happens the longer you’re logged in, and the only solution is to restart your game, and it will work again for about 30 min progressively getting worse and worse.

To make matters worse funcom seems to be pretending the problem doesn’t even exist.

i hope they have a patch or something soon its just hurting the player base and people trying to enjoy the game

Don’t worry, even if they released on Mondays they wouldn’t fix :poop: in the following week!
Hotfixes are ridiculously slow to happen in this game, haven’t seen that in other games I play :man_shrugging:

All know that official servers proper name is official open beta test servers.

2-3 purges after server restart work fine. After that, the game becomes a slideshow.

How long everyone thinks it will take them to find the FIX ?

For me, the whole purge ( and I was really curious how strong tier 4 is) was about occasionally swinging my sword somewhere I hoped the enemy was

But the interesting thing was the huge difference in the number of enemies , our clan has a lot of thralls ( but still well below max) so even tier 1 or 2 against us is a very large group of (weak) enemies.
Lags are really a problem - in the current technical state of the game the rest of the clan is not interested to even play BP.
By the way I wonder how long the body of a fallen thrall lasts on the battlefield , a few days ago my best warrior fell thanks to lag (during purge) and I couldn’t find his body , which besides the replaceable epic armor cost me a really good two-handed sword I once got from a decayed base and is stronger than anything I can forge today…

Lag is at the point on server 1509 where is just to the point of no return :frowning:

It wasnt lagging prior to update. Now you constantly have to relog every 30 minutes.

Wow… you’re lucky. It’s less than that for me sometimes.