Extreme lag on all official servers

Since the New update, all servers are really laggy and unplayable. Please fix it. @Ignasi


It is indeed unplayable. Exiled Phoenix already made a video about what is currently happening on PlayStation. Anybody else experiencing the same as shown in the video below?


ye fps drop as â– â– â– 

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This has been an absolute disaster. Again.


It also happens on Xbox Series S. the nps, and players teleport, also with a lot of delay


So most of the players online experienced this and the others like me cant login to servers because of the endless loading screen and where is @funcom? Any information when this mess gets fixed?


We also have these problems, it’s unplayable on Offis, but it’s sad that no one from Funcom reports about it


As mentioned elsewhere, it’s not only PS5 and not only officials. Most servers are quickly starting to stall and have a ton of trouble streaming building/decos, rubberbanding is really crazy, and all this even at low pops (<20 people online but the issue is there). It started with the Age of war update yestesrday.

The amount of lag we have now with 20 people on is similar to what we used to have with >60 on private & modded servers, and on officials it’s about the same.

Lag is so bad thralls just stand around, wont fight or follow you when following. Looting stuff doesnt appear in inventory.


i can confirm … i have to restart the freaking game every once in a while just to be able to play again… ive died waaaay too many times to invisible foes n creatures

It’s crazy to me this game has been unplayable for 4 days straight now and nothing from Funcom yet, they truly do not care about the players. It shows. I feel ashamed to be playing still. I want to love the game but at this point I might delete for good this time, I give Conan chances over and over, then this happens and I lose hundreds of hours worth of work. Thanks for wasting my time Funcom, i am bitterly upset and a lot of others are too.


and someone thought moving patch day to thursday would be a good idea :D, you can’t make this up

It would be refreshing to see this problem added to the known issues post so that we at least know it’s being looked into. It certainly has nothing to do with multiple purges happening at once, and that’s the only thing that comes close they’ve mentioned on there.

It is in the known issues post, they literally made a post about these problems 2 days ago.

Now I think they are guessing at the cause, but they know something broke.

Thanks <3, exactly what I’m saying, it’s sad what they’re doing with the game and with us as players

It is in the known issues post, they literally made a post about these problems 2 days ago.

No, they LiTeRaLlY didn’t. They alluded to a “performance problem” relating to “simultaneous purges” in that post, but that’s absolutely not the issue I’m referring to. There’s a desyncing issue causing major problems forcing every player to log on and off every 30 minutes on every server, and on every platform. If you haven’t experienced it you haven’t been playing.


and they don’t give a shit about it, these bastards from funcom

I can say that out of the 3 types of servers, PVEC seems to be the worst one affected. I don’t know why that is but it’s looking like PVEC is back to the way it was a few years ago for me in that it’s only accessible in certain periods of time. It just stalls out in the load screen most of the time.

PVE and PVP all seem to load reliably. There is definitely lag felt on the PVE side of it but not consistently which could denote something triggering it (like a purge or two) . I haven’t tested PVP too much (outside of just logging in)

You’re being generous… 30 minutes?.. try tping and you’re done for… run around bases and you’re done for … breathe and you’re done for.

Bazaar switches on Thursday without delay… bug fixes are not a priority when money is pouring.