Conan Laggxiles

Dear Funcom,

Just started a few days ago after quitting for a while and started on PVE server 3020.
Till the point where i started lagging again, i thought it was just going to lagg for a few moments but no i was lagging for hours till i decided to go offline cuz it was UNPLAYABLE.
The next day i logged in again and i fell a few meters from the sky to my death…
Picked up my loot, got my thrall to follow me and it just didnt move at all…
so i decided to do some solo content, but still got offline in an hour because it was again unplayable…
so i decided to try to play once again after 2 days and it didnt lagg.
But when 10 minutes passed and i went to the undead dragon to try to kill it with my thrall it started lagging, i got disconnected in mid fight, i died and my thrall too…
When i tried to take back my loot i succeeded to get back in the sink hole but then i disconnected again while running away and died again.
#Rip Dalinsia Snowhunter and my gear.
Funcom did a fantastic job making this game nothing to say about that.
but do something about that lagg cuz it ruins the game for everyone.
Just sad that i need to leave the game again cuz the servers wont let me play the game…

peace out.

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Welcome to the Forum.

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Your lagging is way too much.
Can you please provide some more information please?
For example…
What is the console you play, 4 or 5
Do you play on your region server?
What’s your pings before you enter the official server?
What’s your connection, is it wired?
Does the sinchole you went to play has builds around? Or even the stupid elevator?
If you play on ps4, does it sound like a jet? (if it is, it needs cleaning)
These lags are not normal, especially the crash on boss fight!
What you described was the situation before 3.2. I play from Greece, even in LatAm servers and i don’t have these issues. My pings are always over 200 and my machine needs cleaning again.
So give us more please!


Welcome to Conan Exiles. You don’t like lag, play some other game.
Usually, in PSN Conan Exiles, lag rarely comes from networking issues. Most of the time it’s your local system that takes too long processing the objects the server wants it to render. In a lot of cases, your game displays as a very beautiful PowerPoint slideshow, displaying 2 to 5 very beautiful frames per second in certain regions of the map.

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