Cant play PVE or PVEC game because hard lags

Game mode: [Online | Multplayer]PVE and PVEC
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance
Region: [EU
Hello again,

I have a problems with playing the game when I join a server.
Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Login on mulplayer
2.Pressing mode PVEC Or PVE
3.Selecting server that I playing for months now.
6.Joined server seems normal
7. Running for 4 sec lost connection
8.Joining again
9.loading again
10.joined succesfull
11.Running few secs lagging hard
12.Running to the desert (default spawnpoint for beginners) No lag at all!?!!
13 Running to a NPC,Enemy or player lagging hard again

Some friends of my has the same problem so we decide to delete the game and reinstall it but still same result!? We are from EU Netherlands country but a other friend of my that lives in Northway has no issues?!! This never happend to us before since the update from December 2019 you guys launced. pls solve this issue because we kinda stop playing connan excile of this crazy server lag, and some others servers like in PVE mode same result we have. The last update didnt solved either btw.

Kind regards,



Thank you for posting this. I ’ ve posted about the chaos that exists on the official servers. The players are free to build everywhere and as much as they want, causing various lags and leaving you unable to play. Plus if you manage to walk around, you will notice that their builds have circle many knowledge points, they block safe paths and they destroy various spawning areas. Official servers must be the ‘face’ of the game and not the shame. I am sorry if i sound offensive, but this is the truth. I love the game and i thank the creators by heart. But the company must act on this call and find a solution to this serious problem. Thank you.

Hi @MrExile, do you have any issues in joining and playing on other servers?

Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

Yes I do have problems with other servers as well and my connection is not the problem here my friend has also that issue. This issue begins to happen in December when the update came. I do know a friend of my northway has a ps4 pro and we on Netherlands has the original ps4. I dont know if thats the issue here that our original ps4 cant handle the December update. But everything before December we had no issues at all no lags,no bugs etc. I have decided also to make a uncut video so you can see it for youself.

Playing other ps4 games I have no lag but that depends on the devs if they made a peer to peer system or decicated server.

It’s hard to tell from that video alone but the lag spikes might occur as you get within loading range for player built structures, which should stabilize after they are fully loaded, is that not the case?

Having a PS4 Pro and the game installed to a SSD or external drive definitely helps with performance and loading the game/assets, but we’d suggest that you first try to rebuild the PS4 database and, if that doesn’t help, try and perform a clean reinstall of the game. Please let us know if either help.

Alright I will do the clean reinstall of the game. I let you know if it works and no thats also not the case.

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Still same result…
When I spawn at the dessert no lag at all but when I meet a npc/enemies/players away of the default dessert spawnpoint its gonna lag.

Could you ensure that your console is on a wired connection rather than wireless?

Are you able to test if you have any issues in a single player session?

Did you try to rebuild the PS4 database as suggested?

Yes and I even swtched to a wireless connection but still same result.
Yes I tested my singleplayer/Coop and no lags. I also joined my friend Coop session no lags as well.

Yes that was the first thing I did.

Did you guys have changes something with the mulplayer servers in December?

Same problem here. I run on a PS4 Pro, it has 300GB free HD, I rebuilt the PS4 Database, I reinstalled the game and the lag remains. Sometimes, the game keep freezed for about 8-10 seconds. It’s impossible to play. I play in a LATAM server, that was wiped about a month ago, so there aren’t many buildings yet. It started on december

Tried offline mode, and the lag remains. So no internet connection related.

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What is the best solution that I can do now waiting for the next patch?

You could also try lowering the resolution to 720p in the console’s video output settings in the meantime.

Could you please share which servers you’ve tried so that we may also look into their current stats?

Alright, I will try to check that tomorrow.

Servers that I joined are:
PVE server Phoenix Syndicate ger
PVE server Sparta exiles
PVEC Server Weachter
PVEC Server GATES of VALHALLA (Boosted X10 Keep loot) pleases join

I have try today in 720p resolution as you suggested and even my lowest resolution 480p, but it didnt work. It was still lagging.

Hi Hugo,

Any news about this issue?

What ping are you getting to each of those private servers?

Have you tried playing in an official server within your region and with a low ping to determine if the lag issues persist? If so, which?

What’s your current ISP and internet speed?

Mostly between 60 and 72 ping.
Yes Server 3041, my region and 66 ping was it showed but still lag if I dont stay dessert spawn point.

I was also curious if it was indeed the npc/players or building causing the lags so I decided to do some test.

Test 1 Luring enemies at the dessert:
When I lured them at the dessert succesfully (with lag) I decided to fight them and I had no lags! I can fight enemies normal only at the dessert.

Test 2 Dessert party I gues?:
I had few friends with me and messaged other players as well on the server if they could help with some test. We were like 6 players at the dessert and also no lag by playing at dessert only. They build even some houses an wall but still no lag at the dessert .

So my conclusion is if I’m outside the dessert area I cant play but if I stay in the dessert area I can play normal.

My ISP is Ziggo and download speed 48.9 mbps ,upload speed 16,3 Ping 26ms of my ps4

And do all your friends that have similar issues share the same ISP?
Have you tried to reach out to it to determine if there could be any issue, or to reset your router?

PVE and PVE-C are in general very laggy since people are building without common sense and takes too long to load content. PVP is a different story since you need to build smart to avoid being bombed. Therefore smaller buildings and no full areas covered in castles and thralls. Still the thrall limit and pet limit would be a great adition and this issues will occur less often

Yes 3 of my friends had the same issue but different ISP. There ISP are KPN and Telfort. The other guys were random players to help with my test. They didnt had lag on the server they said, but they noticed lately some players had also our problem with singleplayer included. Me and friends has no problems with singleplayer they run just fine. My friends said that cant be there Internet they told me. There speed are 74,6 download mbps and upload 5,6 upload speed and the other one 91,3 download speed and upload speed 8,9 both wires.

Well I reach out my internet provider about this issue as well, they indeed said I have to reset my router. Still same result as I said. Next they were looking if the router was outdated but my router is up to date they told me.

I ask them later about the games that I play on the ps4 and 1 game I cant play on ps4 because of lag since december update. They responded that is not the internet, but between my ps4 and conan exile. They advised me that you guys should check each console model out if this issue only happening on ps4. They also advised me to contact sony for additional information as well to get a clear picture of this issue.

But question? can you guys not compare with the present patch with the november patch because we didnt had this issue before december patch. I gonna ask sony as well about this issue.