Official server lag

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: UK

Can someone please explain me what is going on.
I’m playing on official pve-c server 3042. Eu. I’m in UK.
I have ping with less than 60ms when I test it for this server at least that’s what it shows. And it lags so bad. It has like 3 sec delay between everything I do.
Ps4 pro wired connection 100mb down and 10up speed. My isp tested my connection and said it’s all Good. So what’s happening? Any ideas. Also can someone please tell me where I can see location of these servers cus eu is a big place.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve had no issues with a PvP server, or with the game in general up until I joined a PVE Conflict server the other night. Unplayable lag.

I would place campfires and not see them. My stamina bar would not update, so it’d be trickier judging when to stop sprinting/attacking. And if I did run out of stamina, the screen wouldn’t turn grey as it should.

I’ve had issues where the game just didn’t want me inside a building. I’d walk over the threshold and be teleported just outside. I build a furnace and armorer’s bench (in a rare spell of lag-free clarity) inside my noob hut and when I log back on they disappeared.

I’ve tried all EU PvE Conflict servers and have the same experience. How can two different server types produce such conflicting experiences?

Hey there,

It’s possible that server is over populated and has a lot of building pieces, thralls and placeables, which could explain the huge difference in performance vs other servers.

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Hello sir. Tested yesterday all eu servers. I’m playing from UK mainland. All had the same lag. I played this last night and on all server there were 3 people and it didn’t lag less even a bit. Like I said I phoned my internet service provider and they tested everything and they have no idea what’s going on. I don’t want to change isp just to see that it’s game or server faul. Can someone please provide details of these server actual locations so I could get perhaps better connection to location countries or regions. And ping for servers is less than 60 for all eu. And that confuses me a lot.

Do you have any issue playing other titles online on your PS4 @Melvyzz?

No, not a single delay lag or lag spikes. That’s why I’m so confused and have no idea what to do here.

Since you’ve mentioned that the lag is experienced exclusively on all the official EU servers, it might be related to the ISP as you’ve suspected initially, we’d suggest reaching out to GPortal as to get further information regarding the servers’ location and whether there might be any known situation with your specific ISP.

All right I’ll try that and see what gportal can say.

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