Friend having massive lag on official servers

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you have had similar issues.

So me and a couple of friends started playing yesterday and we chose to play on a PVE-C official server. However one of my friends has insane ping and desync all the time so its just unplayable for him. However me and my other friend have no lag (other than the normal lag and desync issues that occur once the server gets more populated).

Other games work fine for him, he can browse the internet fine, his connection just seems to be working properly all around. It’s just that official servers on Conan Exiles are completely unplayable for him.

Anyone know of any possible solutions?


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He can "browse’ the internet fine? So can any iphone/android, ipad, base PC,etc. My recomendation…buy a gaming PC with the minimum requirements to play the game.

Hey there @Traenrek

Just to rule out possibilities, is your friend trying to join a server that is located in his region?
Also, is that official server labelled as “No Ping”?

Hi Traenrek ,

Does your friend’s game crashes as well sometimes?

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Most questions have already been asked. The more info we can collect the easier it is for us to try to help.

Hey Traenrek! Welcome to the community!!

Without a lot of extra details, this sounds like either an ISP issue, or perhaps a routing issue that your friend’s ISP is having. Do you all live in the same part of the world (same city, etc.)? Do you all happen to use the same ISP provider?

If different parts of the world, it may be that you all have low latency to your selected server that is hosted at G-Portal. However, your one friend lives further away from the hosted server, and thus has greater latency to the server. This would not be evident through your one friend’s other internet consumption though… he would likely have no problem with other internet-related web browsing. Another thought - if downloading, surfing the web, etc., isn’t a problem for the one friend, perhaps it is a problem with the ISP’s upload stream. These channels are often separate. You might want to have everyone go to, and compare notes. If a game client had trouble with upstream, I believe that might affect gameplay as you suggest - possibly with a lot of rubber banding (server tells you you are at x=100, you run forward and game client measures that you move to x=250, but client does not communicate this movement properly back to the server, server tells you again that you are still at x=100).

You may want to seek a different server that allows your one friend to connect with much less latency, and something that is still low or reasonable latency for everyone else. I would encourage you to check the ping on the server launcher. Also - it may be helpful to open the DebugHUD while in-game. While loaded into the Exiled Lands, and playing / fighting / farming, or whatever, do the following:

  • Press the tilde ( ` ) key to open the command console.
  • Type ToggleDebugHUD in the command console, and press enter.

The DebugHUD will allow you to see your game client’s ping to the server, the number of players connected to the server (super useful, separate from this topic!), and the server FPS (flops per second - basically the server performance).

If you and your friends all open the DebugHUD, you can take realtime ping measurements during your play, and compare notes. Say, for example, if several of you are west coast US, and your one friend is east coast, you may want to try selecting a well connected server that is in Central Time Zone, or Mountain Time Zone that you can all connect to with a relatively low latency.

There could be system performance issues on the one friend’s rig. That would be difficult to work through without additional information. It could be that there is security software (antivirus, antimalware, firewall) on the one friend’s machine that is causing problems, also. Further - whenever in doubt, uninstall and reinstall. That is a more drastic step. Before doing that, you could have the one friend try to verify files through the Steam Library UI for the game.

Try some different servers - let your one friend pick the server. Then, evaluate to see if the experience is better, worse, or the same. Good luck!

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Yeah we are playing on an EU server, located in German I think. We’re from Finland so it should be fine.

What I meant by that is that his internet connectiong should be fine, because he can browse the internet fine and other online games work normally.

He has a 2080 and an i7. I am pretty sure that exceeds the minimum requirements…

Are you able to try a ping to the server and perhaps a tracert?

Go to command line then type: ping -t serverip

Where server ip is the IP address of the server. That will do a continuous ping to the server. To stop it use ctrl+c

Traceroute u may need to install via Microsoft applications. But try ping first to see if it is a network issue. The traceroute will tell you if there is a routing issue. In most cases routing issues are temporary.

He’s tried pinging it multiple times, avg ms of 32 so should be good.

Not really familiar with the ISPs over in the EU. I know that there are quite a few more than we have over here.

Have you tried simply letting your one friend pick a server where he doesn’t have any performance issues? If he has performance issues on any server that he picks - he may need to start looking back at his own rig. I would start looking for other applications that might be running in the background, and possibly causing contention for either CPU, RAM, or disk write I/O.

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