Server lag makes the game unplayable but only for me

I have the game for few years now and i had no problems before, but i made a small break for few months. Now me and my friends decided to play in PvE-Conflict server so i go to my old server but i have a lot of lag spikes even though i have good internet connection and PC and didn’t have this issue before but i was like “okay maybie too many buildings idk” and so we changed the server but it was the same. And here comes the interesting part - it is only for me, my friends have the game running smooth without lag spikes(except the normal for the servers small stuttering but nothing game breaking) but for me not only the npc’s literally teleport but also players(including my friends), npc’s, buildings not loading fast … it is literally gamebreaking for me. I have good internet connection: 82.22 Mbps download, 59.86 upload. Good PC - 16gb RAM, 8GB VRAM(Vega 64), CPU is Ryzen 2700x 8 core 3.70 GHz. As i said i didn’t have this issue before but i have it now and i read it could be fixed by using VPN but i tried that aswell, bought ExpressVPN but it was the same. If anyone has any suggestions how i can fix that issue please help because i really like and enjoy this game but now it is unplayable for me!

Virus program may be causing a slow down. I would check that. They are known to bog down the computer.

I have no issue with other games or overall computer slow down issues. Only problem i have is with conan exiles. Also reinstalled Conan Exiles and put it from ahrd drive to SSD and it loads faster but same server lag issue.

That is all I could think of. I guess Funcom or another player will have to give other suggestions on the issue.

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Hi Warrior and welcome. I play PvP, and when I resumed play on Official servers in the Spring the first one I joined was unplayable to me. Like you describe. However, for my clanmate it was just fine.

VPN won’t fix it as it is most likely a routing problem. I’m sorry you’re experiencing it.

In my case, my clanmate was willing to try another server, and we did and it’s been just fine. Please try another server, just as a test. In my case, I found a server that was one digit off from the problem one.

Alright i will try and see if its gonna be better thank you :slight_smile:

Well tried few different servers and still have the same issue. Seems like this is not a solution.

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It would be great to know more on this. In my case:

  • I am in Colorado and my pal is in Georgia.
  • Connecting to a server in Los Angeles,
  • pretty much two digits away from the server we settled on.

If no servers are playable, have you investigated your network? If you’re capable of running a VPN, you’ll know how to make it reset all your caches - DNS, resolver, etc. in one click. Otherwise, I suggest clearing all your routes and caches via CMD prompt.

Are you able to use another network temporarily? If you can connect your PC to your mobile hotspot, for example, you might see different results.

Good luck, thanks for your feedback.

Well turns out the solution was indeed just change the server just the 5 servers i tried in a row were all screwed leaving the impression the issue is for all servers. Now i am playing in server with my friends and there is no lag nor anything.


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