Official servers are are very laggy

Game mode: Official #3042
Problem: Performance
Region: EU


For last couple of days Conan exiles has been uplayable. Cannot really collect resources and definately not fight at all.

When you hit stone with pick, it takes a second or so to get the results. In PVP the opponent is 50 meters are way and they I die.

I have tried several servers, PVP, PVC, PVE. All have similar problems.

My ISP works fine. 100M connection with 14 ms ping.
Conan servers I play show 66-99ms ping, though some other servers might have 400ms+ ping.

Playstation network ping at pingstatusserver are abysmal, 1000ms+

So any suggestions what this is about? Is if about PS throttling download speeds, claiming multiplayer games are still robust, or what?

Anyone else got these problems?

BTW other games like Fortnite, Overwatch etc are also laggy.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

im from 1094, and i crashing server after every respawn or teleporting, so i stop play before funcom fix it, because its unreal to play anymore.
so you are not alone with problem like this.

I’m not sure if it’ll help with the PS Network ping time, but change your DNS servers on the PS4 to Google or some different local servers that are speedy. Internet providers have notoriously slow DNS servers. If you’re unsure of how to do this, look up “change DNS server to Google on PS4”. Also configure your router/gateway and turn on port forwarding for the PS4. You’ll have to look up your model of router/gateway and how to port forward. Also hard wire your console and don’t use wireless. Do this especially if you live in an apartment or building with a lot of people nearby. Doing those will at least help. Just not sure how much.

Games don’t use much bandwidth at all (aside from game streaming services) so the speed of your connection doesnt matter as long as it meets the requirement for broadband internet. It’s that high ping time that matters. Being that everyone is home because of the current pandemic, the Playstation Network is probably overloaded. You’ll have to expect increased latency and lag across the board. Wireless channels are going to be more packed as well since everyone is home.

I believe it is gportal servers that are having problems due to the recent world events. Everyone is at home taking up bandwith. This started 2 weeks ago when the world got shut down.

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