Conan Exiles PS4 issues


The PS4 version i am running is on a PS Pro with Fios 85/85 internet. i play games such as ESO, Fortnite, Fallout 4… I have been gaming for 20ish years.

I recall the funcom launch of Anarchy Online back in the day, what a mess. a great game but launched too soon. forward 15+ years and here we are again, Conan Exiles has great potential but not ready for PS4 release. Even AoC had a better start but was an improvement over AO, not so much for CE!

i have NEVER heard my PS4 pro’s fans spin so loud. most of it happens in the north zones of the map but even when in areas with many light sources and mobs in the desert it can be very loud.

sound and animation NEVER lines up. always a delay as much as 5 seconds for the voice and weapon sounds to happen after combat starts.

UI interface is very awkward and not easy to see menu, settings, or login server selection (online play).

online Offical servers are always full during prime-time hours. no queue system, no easy way to retry to log in, and almost always hangs when in the range of 38/40 users online. i really have no clue what these online servers are for, one would think a company like funcom could provide 70-100 user servers. my gaming PC could host that size, why 40???

i have leveled up on Official server 3509 to level 22 and have a plot of land. neighbors train me with mobs while i build. one looted my corps that was a few feet from my fence and took my armor, weps, and iron ore!!! i have also played many hours on the co-op local mode. i have tried admin features and server settings. i have no clue why local mode is so laggy!!! i would say if it was a PC check my GPU but this is a PS4 Pro!

please fix the PS4 version!


Agreed same issues.

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Yeah the lack of a queue system for an official release of an MMO is ridiculous, I’ve never seen an MMO not have it included, especially with such a small server size plus the fact that people can stay idle forever pretty much.

The game is pretty much unplayable on the weekends from 12pm-12am because of full servers and no queue system. Unless, of course you somehow get really lucky and happen to open the server browser allowing you to get a spot in your server before the next poor guy/girl trying to get a spot so they can play.

Totaly agree, it’s too laggy. I am waiting for a update before I will play. The hotfix that just got released seems to only fix the crash issues (wich is great ofcourse). But for me the lag is too much.

mmo? wrong game forum i think

Ah look who’s here again xD

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Not sure how much you remember but AoC had a pretty bad launch and I would say much worse than Conan Exiles. The game was riddled with bugs and crashes, had no endgame content and there was a massive gap in the levelling which involved a grind fest.

Everyone has a different experience but so far mine has been really good for Exiles. Also playing on the PS4 and had zero crashes and not much lag at all apart from the odd spike every now and then. Hardly had any bugs either and definitely none that have been groundbreaking.

I agree though that the UI can be a bit awkward and definitely needs some updating for the PS4.

I also agree that they should increase the server population and I fully expect them to do it. They would of lowered the population size to make the release more stable and then once they work it out I’m sure it will be increased. Just give it some time.

Okay “online multiplayer game” is everything alright now?


*With singleplayer modus

I rented a server for a year on ps4 …It hasn’t been up for a full 24hrs since the game launched constant buggs with gportal and the game itself …It takes around 12hrs for a ticket to be answered and fixed …It’s down everyday without question …It’s completely fkd atm i’ve spent more time on gportals website and the fourms than actually playing the game …There’s nothing on my end i can do to fix the issues …My server lost 30 players due to this

I also have a pc server that has had 0 issues soooooo yh ps4s just broken for people renting servers

Got exactly the same problems… Funcom statement?

@Funcom You guys really need to hire a better Communications director. Or change your whole corporate culture bc the damage control on this release is a D at most. These sorts of launches, with little or no regular bi-hourly updates from dev, can kill a game base. Ie Servers and people’s time.
Updates or not do you think many people reeeaaalllyyy went back to a game like No Man’s Sky just bc of updates? How was that communication from the company at launch. Just saying…


I really want my money back. I have created 6 different characters on 6 different servers. Once I log out of, I can not get back on. This is a huge disappointment!!

I grow tired of creating new characters on new servers to never be able to get back on the server. These PS4 issues really should have been addressed before launch. And where is your PR? FUNCOM do you really care?? You got your money, give us a game that we can actually play. Servers that you can get back on to???


4real my servers been down for 27 hours… players make the server …players are complaining and leaving because of this… feeling like I threw my money away

Im having so much lag ofline så i keep dieing in fights as nothing happens or when fiight starts i already passed the mob/mobd and have taken dmg and it still lags when i try to turn back, ty för taking the issue up :slight_smile:

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