Conan Could Have Been Epic


First, I love the Idea and the game play when it works and I realize it takes a lot of time, money and effort to put out such an Epic MMO.

I was with you since the launch of Hyboria Adventures. I played for 6 years until military like got the best of me. There were multitudes of growing pains with the launch, expansions and server die off. You lost half you original base do to lack of feedback suggestion execution.
Out comes Conan for PS4 and because I love the game I jumped on it to give it another shot.
Come on guys. Did you not learn from the first time around?

  • Lag, Lag and more lag. I’m not even online yet and the game lags like crazy. I download a 3gig fix and it lags even worse!
  • Down a boss … chest disappears. (Circle of Stones and Gods of the North).
  • Wonky NPC fights
  • Fighting a Rhino from within?
  • Laggy sound bites and sound tracks just quit.
  • Today I log back in -Single player, no co-op- and everything I did yesterday is gone *about 8 or so hours worth of fighting, building and crafting.

I love this game, but you’ve gone and released another half-assed, buggy game and now your going to focus again on PvP which killed PvE in Hyboria and Unchained.

Hopefully in 6 months you’ll get all the kinks worked out. Until then …

Please … before you release anything else, take your time. A well thought out, well produced and well supported game will net you more money " in the long run" than a quick buck will.

Sapperonium a.k.a. Xenecide … out!
PS4 Pro
55" 1080p 240hz
7.1 Yamaha Surround