Message to Funcom - Glitches,Bugs and "Finished Product"

Alright so I will say right now, I apologize if I come off as rude when I write this although I have good reasons as I am sure many other people has if they are annoyed or frustrated at this game.

Now the thing with Conan is, its a great game, I love it despite also hating it at the same time with MANY good reasons. Funcom as I hope you read this, you guys have created a good game with “great” potential as many others although… I am fu*#¤*g pissed at you.

You’ve created a game which needs ALOT more time to be finished, a game which is not finished at all right now. You have glitches in your building system, unable to place items in certain places DESPITE that you should be able to. Theres glitches such as items disapearing in your building, aswell as being unable to placed items on certain areas even if it says you are able to do so. Such as carpets, furniture etc.

The problem here too is that your NPC’s are broken, no doubt about it. They are flunky, glitchy and not really worth fightign at times depending on who. And those who are worth fighting are way to easy. You got elephants, mammoths, who have a reach so f^*#¤g ridiculous that it goes outside their models reach. I’ve been hit and many of my friends like maybe 10 feet away from where it looks as it should hit. Theres also the thing with being bugged inside of them, such as elephants, large spiders and mammoths. The odd thing is your giants are alot easier to fight due to being so flunky then the mammoths and elephants etc.

The NPC’s are way too easy at times or annoying due to not having a goot hitbox at all that makes sense. Theres also your new Combat system. Its better then the old for sure but its sloppy, flunky and just sloppy, nor any fun to use at all. You fixed some stuff with items to make certain weapons and armors less Op which is good but the combat system really needs a fix same as NPC’s.

Now you may of recieved Many complaints of this and if you did read this far I do apologize for my poor attitude but it’s been annoying me for such a long time I just needed to get it out. Its even worse that you made the game a finished product to get out a DLC when your game ISNT even finished yet only by name! Dont send out a DLC like those EA crabs before finishing the game. Wait with it, or atleast make it a free one instead of posting it when your game isnt done yet especially not to make us pay extra money for such things.

For now thats it for me, hope you dont get too pissed off at me, I do love you for your fast updates and active updates but I also hate you for all these glitches in your “finished” game.

And to add in since this is a Suggestion channel. I suggest you please fix your game.

The bug on characters makes me wonder if the invisible hit box wasn’t made as a solid object and that glitching is us getting sucked into the middle til the darn thing dies. Really needs to be patched along with a more realistic hit box for some creatures.

Exactly. I mean its not as the NPC’s are hard even if they hit you, I’ve never struggled even with mammoths glitching or other creatures sucking you in, its just annoying.