Hoping latest fix has worked

Gaming addiction gets the better of me

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@Walkerbait81 I don’t know how much they care but they do care. Getting better then a backslide that is this game. I have been on this forum over a year. They do listen and respond. Remember it’s a game give it time it will be better.

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Hey there,

See this thread:

Its out over a year now and is getting worse every update. If they fixed base game before releasing dlc they wouldn’t have so many people giving out on forums. I appreciate the reply but they have to understand the frustration that comes with loosing all inventory after spending days collecting


The people working on the patches, dlcs and other games are not the same teams. It are the artists, not the coders, who are doing all the work on a dlc.

(This may be less true for the upcoming Conan singleplayer, but not much, as the core team will be a fresh one.)

If there is a bug you wan’t fixed, try providing as many details as you can. You could have lost those same items to the Purge or a raid. It just means you’ll need to start over, there’s no helping that, especially since it’s a bug.

If you want to criticise the developers, please do so constructively.

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Not sure how you aren’t seeing Ignasis posting messages all over the Forums, but he’s been posting. You can use the unofficial Conan Exiles Dev Tracker if you are having trouble keeping up.

There’s been two hotfixes for PC, one of them yesterday (on Saturday). Those hotfixes, possibly more, will be rolled into one larger patch for console with an ETA on Friday.


If a game crashes and then wont load its broken not a bug and why are you coming up with excuses for them. Wont loose to raid because not on pvp and at least with purge i’d be playing the game

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Exactly, thankyou sestus. @Walkerbait81 The game was in a great place after the Unnamed City update. While a number of bugs have slipped the net, Funcom will rein them in, they just need time. If you generally buy games from Bethesda and Rockstar, then you should be well aware that bugs sometimes make it into games nowadays. Just look at the Skyrim special edition, it is still full of ancient bugs which they never bothered to patch. The same goes for The Witcher 3. Unfortunately, these games are a product of the times. Big open world games get bugs. I wish things were different, but that is the world we live in. At least Funcom constantly tries to correct theirs, and directly interacts with their constomers. I urge you to be patient, show restraint, and wait for the updates. If Funcom rushes patches out the door without proper testing and refinement, they will break as many things as they fix.


Having trouble keeping up, no mate having trouble playing game i paid for. If you want to start leaving messages to annoy me keep going. I dont care about pc fixes i didnt buy pc game, waiting over a week for a fix is unacceptable

They brought this update out without proper testing and now game wont run. Issues with other games never stopped me playing. Issues with this game i could live with but now cant even play the game

My intent is not to annoy but to inform. I should have worded it differently and I apologize for that.

Consoles have to go through a certification process, so even if they threw the two hotfixes they did, they would still take several days to process either way, and there are still crash results that could occur all the same. PC is handy because you can patch to Steam within an hour of saying, “patch the game.” XBOX is up to 5 days.

PC players are having a lot less crashes after the last couple of hotfixes, I believe there is one more coming as Ignasis posted they were able to locate another source of a crash. Anyways, I know it sucks and it’s okay to be upset. Just try to keep it to a constructive manner. The community can help point to you the various posts that Funcom has been posting on the forums if you need, but they can all be found in the PC bug section.

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The issues are there, but your whining about FC care about their game is rather unbecoming, childish and IMO untrue.

“Give me free season pass or I will throw a tantrum and leave game”

I have seen no evidence that they are not trying to fix their game or not excusing their faults.

Btw, DLCs and errorfixing are done by two different teams, rather old news

No amadan, i have left the game and all the funcom crap that come with it wouldn’t download DLC if it was free and it should be free for everyone who still cant play. I bet your another PC player who got fix straight away

See you in a month then :smile::+1:


That’s too bad. I’m sorry to see you go. Thems is some good stats. :+1:

I’m a PS4 player through and through, but I was so eager to play CE that I got in on the PC side of it like right after Early Access started. Believe me, I’ve been right where you are – one time I ranted so hard against the server people that I think I broke Steam – but that’s ancient history. Right now, my console is awaiting a patch or two, and I’m basically sitting on my controller for the moment it comes through. I’m there with ya. Hope you take @Lleilwin’s advice and just take a short break. :smiley:


What’s weird is that reading a big number of people having all sorts of problems with the game,I only had like a couple of crashes in 455h I played.and most of those crashes are and I’m shore they are because people can’t understand that you have to take care of your PC ,like update drivers and reinstall windows and stuff and not just smack that keyboard day and night. Consoles???Waiting a week for a fix??? It’s not so long,just learn to be patient! Stuff takes time to do man ))

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On consoles you can stack OIL! People are running around with weapons having >100dmg.

Just wait for a fix, until then get ripped in PvP…

And about the elephant in the room: What about gods summoning? Does this ever come back again? And when yes, for how long until someone finds the next exploit?

File this one under “It’s Complicated.” Right now, if Gods were enabled without addressing the duping, we’d be back to the Fall of Atlantis on every server as all hades is unleashed in numbers of stored tokens. The other problem is it’s possible to put a thing in a thing and then store the thing in a certain way, that keeps God tokens from appearing on the map. This is playing against the intentions of the developers, and it’s wise for them to suspend Avatars until it is well and truly addressed.


If only the servers would be moderated, nothing of this would a problem…

Oh, player abuses exploit -> 1. strike/warning and on 2. perma-ban.

It could be so easy, but again, Funcom would have to pay someone to do that…


I agree with Lleilwin, just take a break, do something else and come back in a month or two, things can only get better!. I do take a week or two off from time to time, get saturated playing always the same game, though I am a bit of an adict to Conan universe so it’s hard to give up completely. :slight_smile:

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