I want the best for Conan Exiles

If it seems I’m too hard on funcom. It’s because I care deeply about Conan Exiles. I want Conan Exiles to destroy Ark in sales. I want Conan Exiles to skyrocket the market. I want the funcom staff to be drowning in loads of cashing. Drowing as having ton of money.


Me too, or i was, now i don’t really care anymore. I think the main focus is cosmetic DLCs . Seeing the slow progress or the lack of fixing major issues and bugs with the game is making me think like this, so why bother hoping, my advice to you is to stop playing or take a big break from the game. Someone told me that the CMs are the actual guys that did the coding and the fixing, i dismissed that argument, but seeing how things are going i’m kinda starting to see that they probably were on to something.

My point is, it will probably take years for the game to be healthy, or never. Look at the charts on steam it spiked with the free weekend and now it goes back down slowly to the bottom again, there is a reason for that, and we all know what it is and many choose to ignore the problems instead of talking about it.

But hey, does it all matter when you get a new cosmetic DLC ?


I think you are right it probably is not simple anymore, with the upcoming mount system there will be a ton of exploits and bugs that will come with it. I do not understand the point of a mount system in this current state of the game when everything is clunky and half of the things are buggy. It will just add more problems and bugs to the game and it will take even longer for the remaining few coders to fix everything, they will have their hands full.

Also remember that there are people who really want sorcery, if FC gives them sorcery like they are trying now with the mounts even more problems will occur. And we all know that those problems wont be anything small.

I’m getting annoyed that they aren’t as willing to release a bug fix until they have a game update or DLC to bundle with it. Then alongside the issues from the previous changes a whole new batch of issues are unleashed with the new content.

In my opinion they really shouldn’t release new content till they have addressed the issues (ie bugs, balance, glitching) somewhat completely with the previous updates. As it serves currently the bug bucket never spends a day empty…

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Thing is FC i catering to a RP orientated audience, this is why we have all those cosmetic DLCs and slow process of fixes and patches. Look around the forums,steam and see what are the most played servers and you will get an idea who is the main audience.

If the majority want’s this kind of stuff (cosmetic and RP items), FC makes everything right.
Because I’m not in PvP and I’m playing on a rented server I can enjoy the game, the DLCs and the upcoming mounts, too.
So for me FC does a good job.


And this is why we have a product that doesn’t function well, i don’t have anything against RP and it is good that there is a big RP community, BUT if they keep putting cosmetics on top of prioritizing bug fixing and making the game more fluid it will continue to go down hill.

They release hotfixes for major, game breaking issues, they don’t always coincide them with DLC releases.

Literally no game out there has an empty bug list. It’s not a thing. Only fix bugs and you get people moaning about how they’re bored and never get any new content. Only release content and people moan about how they only get DLC and never fix problems. Just like the thread about DLC vs. base game content, it’s a no win game for FC.

In spite of the opinions of all the experts that seem to hang around this forum, there is no solution for fixing the game. Mainly because, for the most part, the game works fine as is, just with rough edges. Either way, you get a constant flow of posts saying ‘please read my 50 page manifesto about how CE was a failure and if they had just listened to me they would have made all the money in the world and this is my goodbye post’ or ‘I complain and moan all the time because I love the game so much and want it to succeed’ where success =making the game to my exact parameters and according to my preferred play style, screw anyone else and how they play.

The forum is like a wheel of pain. No matter what food is offered, the occupants still just walk around moaning and whimpering.


Best description I ever have seen :smile:

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True some people will moan others will give feedback, in most cases here on the forums people do try to give constructive feedback about all the nooks and crannies. However a lot of people have given up on the game or those who haven’t are not amused by the direction of the game.

We see little fixes and improvements over the course of a year, instead the few improvements and small fixes we get are batched up in a small updates paired usually with a cosmetic DLC. This is why a lot of people quit, and the few that remain try to give feedback on what is broken and what game mechanics aren’t working well or are just clunky.

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That’s your viewpoint. For me it functions very well. I assume you try to play the game your way on an official server and if so, I accept that in this case it is hard to enjoy the game, like I do.

I’m playing the game since EA. And at the time of the official release I thought about of quitting the game because of the bugs and the trolls on the official server.
My decision was, to rent a private server and play the game there. With mods I can add a lot of interesting stuff, avoid or cover up bugs and I can play and enjoy the game my way.

Again, your viewpoint. I think they have a good balance between bug fixing and new stuff (extensions for the base game and publishing DLCs).
They have to create and sell DLCs. Otherwise they wouldn’t have money to pay for the devs month over month. And these devs are there for fixing bugs, too.

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I to am here since EA when it released in 2017 and my viewpoint mainly centers around combat and AI, and i have to admit i do find it very clunky and not functioning well, and those two aspects of the game are putting me off from playing it even more. As of making money i get they need to make extra cash but seeing such frequency in cosmetics rather than bug fixing and ironing AI and combat is not working for me and many others, the selling point of the game should be THE game and its features, not additional cosmetic DLCs that only a handful of people would buy, as of this stage of the game.

I have found a lot of preteens are playing this game.

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Wow, where did you get the numbers for such statement?
So, let us assume, that only a “handful” buy DLCs, what do you think, how much devs will FC then put aside for this kind of stuff? If you are right, that only a handful of player will buy this kind of DLCs, then FC will also direct a small number of devs for this kind of stuff. So you should be happy, because the rest of the devs can look for the things, you think they are more important.

But to be honest, I don’t think that you know the real numbers, how much of the DLCs were sold. I think, you statement is just imaginary (or how it called this days: fake news :slight_smile: ), because FC didn’t run their business like you wish they would.


I don’t have exact number, only the devs can say what the numbers are, i’m giving a rough estimate from the bases i saw in most servers i visited. And i am not happy how the game is treated, i’m a person who enjoys a fluid AI and combat system and frankly right now i don’t see it, this is why i am sharing my experience with the game here on the forums, you know giving feedback.

But i guess you are a bit triggered from my thoughts and feedback.

Yes and no :slight_smile:
I think, you, me and all the other players, we have clear picture in our head or a kind of a vision of the game and the direction where the development of the game should go. What important is for you doesn’t cares me and vice versa.

Every time FC roll out a new patch, extents the game or is publishing a new DLC some of us are happy and others are disappointed. For one it was the right step in the direction of their “vision” and for others not.
Especially the disappointed players are then looking for evidence, that the step of FC was wrong. It’s a quit normal behaviour. The “happy” group is playing the game and the group of disappointed player is flooding the forum. In this situation the “unhappy” group feels like the majority, because the negative threads are much more then the positiv threads. But only because the real majority is playing :slight_smile:.
You will find this behaviour in every forum of nearly every game (WoW, Eve-Online, SWTOR, ESO, etc.)


The thing is i do not know what the direction of the game is, i am actually confused, that’s why i am on forums giving feedback on what isn’t working. If the game had any combat fluidity, a much more responsive AI AND a updated UI for the inventory and crafting mechanism i wouldn’t be here giving feedback, i would be pumping more hours in the game.

I can see that some folks are content with how the game is right now( something i cannot understand ) but as i said the main features for me combat and AI are not working right.

You gave examples like WoW and ESO, compare the combat and AI to that of CE, and i do not mean in a MMORPG kind of way, just look at how they flow nicely, AI and combat. ESO has even a 1st person camera that works fine with the combat system. Disregard the active skills and think only of the mouse attacks, block and even how dodge works in ESO. CE had it at the beginning but with the aerobics combat overhaul they changed it in such a way that the 1st person camera during combat is jut flat out broken.

We can’t even block or parry one handed, dual-wield daggers or with two handed weapons that is only reserved for a shield, why is that ? We were able to move while we swung our weapons before, now we can’t , we are locked in one position while the attack animations play. We had a functioning 1st person camera in combat before and now we don’t even have that.

We had some sort of fluidity back in 2017 with the combat system at least, now even that is gone. This is why i am so confused instead of working with that, they changed the whole combat system with something that looks fancy but lacks fluidity and movement.

I understand your frustration. As far as I’m concerned, I play CE only to build bases, gather resources and explore the map. It’s a pure moment of relaxation between other games. To be honest, if I played CE for combat and PvP I would have given up on the first day. The fighting system and the bugs make me crazy the few times I’m going to face NPCs, so against players I do not even imagine.

If I want to do PvP or even PvE I move clearly on other games, certainly not CE.

And I think there are still a lot of players like me who only play for the creative aspect of the game, because everything else is far less enjoyable. Which is why FC makes so many DLCs and they sell so well.


The real problem is the lack of testing and thinking on Devs side, there are two things that push back the CE combat, that being:

  1. Hit boxes on Spears

One of the reasons Spears are very popular, its because their hit boxes are way larger than the stab edge of the pointy blade, so even if you in front of the spear attacker, and the moment he starts the move, when you step aside, clearly out of the direction of the stab, the hit will still happens, so Spears behave as if they were larger than it seems.

  1. Animation Attack Speed

That is why its very hard (except for Spears) to hit moving targets, even NPC’s can’t hit you while you’re moving because of the attacks root motion, so the animations on the inicial LIGHT attacks, should be faster, because it really doesnt make sense light attacks having suck a long cast.

Take for exemple 1h Sword, and Greatswords, the light attacks on both is very close speed wise, when 1h weapons should be faster than 2h’s.

In some weapons, there are heavy attacks that are faster than light ones, exemple: Sword 4th Heavy attack is faster than Sword 4th light attack, deals more dmg, knocback, and stamina consume is just a bit more.

Same apply on 1h Axes, the 1st Heavy attack is faster than the Light one, as the 4th, like in swords, dmg and stamina.

Maces, I even need to say, the moves are slow and laughable, not even in PvE they are effective.

I could go on explaining every weapon, in fact I already did this in another post covering all the details on the weapons, but FC seems to not have ppl to look on this, so still this is impractical.

Shadoza, on the PS4 it’s very easy to assess the library/games/collection and thus the age of certain players. Further, some players are unprotective with personal data. Because the PS4 is built as/supposed to be a safe zone, it’s pretty easy to see when kids are playing. Even if they don’t say anything in chat at all. :slight_smile:

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