Funcom is planing a new Conan Game Dont you guys think they should finish Exiles first

Talks to Make a new Conan Game, they have said they want to complete this game first, but when will that be. I think we all have been Very patient here, The Map, for instance, there is still a large part of the map due to be made, Top Right is still blank, Also the sorcerer’s update and the mounts then plan to add. I love Conan, But instead of employing teams to work on the new game Don’t you think you should finish your first project. Its like Wildcard with Ark keeps bringing out DLC packs when there are countless Bugs to fix, please Focus we have all invested in your game. Finish what you started and give us the DLC you promised us finish the map fix the bugs. And when this game runs without crashes and everything you promised us is in the game then start your next project.


I assume you are talking about Conan Unconqured. This topic has been covered already and discussed at great lengths, but as Funcom has repeatedly said on record (multiple times), the development of Conan Unconqured will have absolutely no impact on current and future development of Conan Exiles.

What DLC that were promised? I’ve been following this game for a long time, and no DLC has ever been promised. They keep all DLC’s as a close guarded secret up until they release them. The only thing they “promised” was that they wouldn’t release any DLC’s during the EA period, and they didn’t.

As for the Map, going back to all the way to May 8th, Funcom has said the map is complete. Other then 4 more dungeons being added, the Map itself is done, as far as what Funcom has told us (on several occasions). This has been discussed at length dozen times on the forums, but here’s a summary: the upper right quadrant that you see as blank is reserved and used space for Dungeons. With regards to Game Development and map design, the dungeons have to go somewhere, as far as their physical space. That’s what the empty quadrant is used for. This is viewable in the dev kit.

Bug fixes are their priority right now. Funcom stated their focus on bug fixing here, and then later again here. And prior to that, the December 10th patch was all about bug fixing, and the patch on testlive now, is also all about bug fixing. These patches, and the ones going through February, was a direct response to community feedback after the release of the pets patch in October. A vast majority of players wanted Funcom to focus completely on fixing the core gameplay mechanics rather then release any new major features, and so they have and are.


I will expand upon Multigun’s explanation to make up for any confusion. These questions have been asked many times before.

The teams working on Conan Unconquered and Conan Exiles are two different teams.
Fixing bugs and so on is still their main focus, not the DLC packs. Those are also two different teams. (Same See Upcoming features - Official Conan Exiles Wiki for all the patches they have been doing and what there focus will be.

The two reasons Multigun stated. Map - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Note mounts has/had no serious ETA, they have to work around its issues first.
Pet - Official Conan Exiles Wiki (Redirect from Mounts)
Upcoming features - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Please use the term only where appropriate. @Multigun thought you meant an actual DLC, but you where pointing to the map and the further development as the DLC, because it is an ‘expansion to the game’. :innocent:
The Frozen North was a highlighted, free expansion update, the Jungle and Swamp added at launch were the last ones added. As Multigun said, they stated this beforehand. Furthermore, Jungle and Swamp weren’t made apparent, but the Volcano was actually a greyed-out area from the release of the Frozen North onwards.

I should tell you in advance that the same goes for religions:


Funcom is only producing the new conan not developing it


Exactly this. Another developer is making this game and Funcom will slap their name on it. Which basically means you will have an extra splash screen to click escape on, when you load the game.

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A lot of assumptions here. The main error here is that Funcom game development is a “zero sum” process. Zero Sum – meaning that assigning resources to one takes resources from another, or if one wins someone must loose. There is no reason Funcom cannot create a dozen games and still give adequate resources to Conan Exiles.

Perhaps if u did some research u would know they are only the publisher because they have the conan rights they are not the developer.

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