Is there anything new in development or is Conan Exiles "done"?

As asked in the title. Not counting bug fixes or patches to make the game work better, but new content in development.

Short answer yes. They already discussed it in bits but have not put out too much information about it that I know of yet. Others might know more however.


I know they want to add fast travel in isle of siptah as well as magic and some more dungeons for isle of siptah.


Not done. More work as always.


I hadn’t heard about the magic part. That’s interesting. Only heard rumors about the fast travel part.

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I would think it’s likely that That this game will continue to be developed until sometime after the Dune game launches, at which point they might start on CE2/ or a new Conan property.

I also think that Siptah might be a test to see how receptive people are of new maps, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another map before everything is said and done.

I think new maps would be the way to go in the long run.

There is only so much they can do with a map after its fully developed. Granted Siptah there is probably still room to add (probably just dungeons like they did for EL).

A new Conan property if they start fresh, will take years to develop.

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Neither had I until a group of summoned tcho-tchos recently became mages and fried me with it…

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Dune could spell death for CE. Funcom doesn’t have the best track record for keeping things under development. Age of Conan? The secret world? What’s new with them? The fact is in my opinion is if they halt development of CE someone will develop an emulator and continue to make it since the rights to the Conan IP are about to become public domain.

I really hope it doesn’t, but you’re very much right about Funcoms track record. I really wish they would devote their time to making a Skyrim style (ie single player RPG, or maybe co-op) Conan game and opened it up to modding - I feel like a game like that but in the visual style of CE (or AoC for that matter) would have some really long legs to it, and plenty of room for DLC and expansions.

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Lots of new stuff, both core game and content for Siptah and a little less so for Exiled Lands. Recent updates have brought a lot of new stuff. New content (not including any DLC work) appears to be included in all Updates - some announced and some not (e.g. adding easter egg chests and things about both E.Lands and Siptah. It is still a Live game if that’s what you are asking :slight_smile: .

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Ignasis recently teased that their was somerhing big in the works in a separate.



Hey y’all,

Loving your ideas.
Just as an FYI and a massive tease. We plan to continue with bigger things after Siptah.
Hope you are all ready for some redacted and redacted coming very redacted. Like, seriously, you clicked twice and got baited. Why do you do that!? But yeah, cool stuff coming <3.

Can’t wait!

Here is the thread it was posted on.

Sure it could be Dune, but that has already been announced, so I see no need for secrecy with it. My personal, unfounded speculation…? Either another map or a new Conan title entirely. Both sound great to me.

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I agree. Dune is a completely separate game and new staff were obvs brought in for that. It’s without doubt that a lot of money is still being thrown into the Conan pot, especially seeing the huge upgrades Siptah-extension brought - look-and-feel and actual core game mech. I suspect (pure personal guess without any evidence) that way back before Siptah the question was raised whether there was still traction for the game. Siptah proves there is a lot of opportunity. Add in the glories of Unreal5 and, again without a shred of evidence :slight_smile: , who would not pay money in the dim, distant future for a Conan 3/4/5.0 that was not based on the premise of the lovely, though a little dated ‘Exiled Lands’, but more open world with more random mapping and links to move between the islands and lands of Hyboria by ship or the like? I certainly would.

And before anyone screams foul over making money and all that, just divide the cost paid for your game by hours spent - or remind yourself how many cups of coffee the overall cost of a game is first [7 coffees (or three with a muffin) in London, or in my case, less than £0.001 per hour])

Thank you Devs, Art designers and Modding and Testing community!


row row row your boat… cause crocodiles are going to get you otherwise

Is that in reference to the pirate outfit Drachenfeles? Possibly, but I personally would not call a pirate outfit big news. While it has been well received by many, its more of a nice little something on the side.

Personally Im hoping it is yet another map, then with the Server Transfers coming, my character shall rule over 3 lands. That and I can never get enough of Conan Exiles.

Well I mean… every game ends eventually… but that time is not yet for CE.


to particular tweet hinting boyancy on dead body

Corpse surfing?

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Funcom before and now are two separate things. Funcom being part of another company now where they appear to be operating differently than before. So they may keep this game going for a long while depending if there is still enough interest in it.

Like TV shows, depends if its profitable to continue or not.

seriously?, I mean Anarchy Online is still out there after two decades and there are still people actively playing it, speaking of which, it’ll be round 20 years old MMO in 7 days.

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