Are we getting a new map anytime this year?

or is most development going ot the dunne survival


Another map?.. haven’t heard anything but 3.0 should be coming soon and do who knows…we might get Deadpool and savage avengers.

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I hope not. So much more needs to be done with the current maps. There are still a bunch of doors that don’t go anywhere in the Exiled Lands and the main story is still missing its final boss.


It’s not impossible, though personally I wouldn’t expect it to happen this year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if big 3.0 reveal was another map, fully conformed to casual playstyle of a “serial builderer” too - no offence to anyone

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Maybe the Dune game will have an option to port your character from Conan Exiles.

Is it a dragon? Is it an Ornithopter? Conan does not care! Conan slay!

New map would be great. The first few weeks of siptah was a ton of fun. Or maybe face lift/ expansion on exiled

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It would be cool they be working on another map in another region of the Conan’s world. Although, 3.0 most likely not be a new map since a new map is a DLC which not everyone will obtain. 3.0 supposedly will be big and for all players, so I am curious on their plans regarding that but I am patient.

I figure, they will eventually start a new map if they haven’t already with their map making dev team. Designing a map takes lots of time (believe me… learning that concept with the dev kit currently)

Exiled Lands, probably will not get many new additions to the map going forward. Global changes that effects the game / both maps probably is the only thing EL will get mostly, such as “event” features. I do not foresee any new dungeons to EL, although would be nice if they could add one more.

Siptah I do see additions being added since I am sure there is still a bit of space on the map to do so. Granted, this will probably be complex since people built all over the map already. Would love to see new interesting / challenging dungeons for the elite players (note: I do not consider myself elite in this game… ESO sure. not CE)

The map transfer option was a great thing to add. I don’t believe they did that just for Isle of Siptah. So… Another map might in the works. But apparently, it takes a long time to design those, and as nothing of that sort was hinted at, I’d say if it happens, it’ll be a long time ahead.

Although I must say that personally, I’d welcome maps even without any new features. Just build a new area, possibly a new story with the existing assets. That might be done much quicker than Isle of Siptah.

Here. Take mine!

Disclaimer: No political statements intended in any way! (thx to @Khaletohep ) :wink:

If I identify the colour of the Krim correctly, that map is politically problematic.


If the map would be as good or better than Exiled Lands then yeah would love to see it!
If its a Siptah map, then please no…

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Well at least they tried a Pangea idea out sorround by water really reminded me of ark but thankfully no Dino here when I spawn just to be eaten just to spawn again elsewhere just for another Dino to eat me again went 3 hours like that and was poor luck

wildcard published statistics for that while back, in first three days raptor was most common and uncontested cause of death among survivors, followed by death by dilo and starvation

among other things that’s why ark is better at being survival game, there is no sense of danger in CE, no need to be wary or hungry, everything is walk in the park, nice and easy


Still is they posted the info it has highest kill rate of everything

The actual map design is okay
Its just everything is RNG its crazy, it is RNG and less diverse

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A settlement system would be nice, but I don’t expect it.

You correct it was canceled

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