More maps in the pipeline?

So in the producers letter states that Siptah is the first new map for conan exiles, strong hint that more is coming? What do you think?

With a better and more immersive way to travel between maps, I’d be happy to see more maps :slightly_smiling_face:


The only issue with “more maps” is it segments the population and makes the maps seem underpopulated. As Dark said, a way to travel between lands would be much more reasonable.

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They need to upgrade their servers first. The ones they have can barely keep up with 2. let alone more

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I thought each server only handles one map. So new servers were added with Siptah and character transfer is basically a server transfer?

Forgive me for being unclear. I was referring to the “travel between lands” part. The servers gasp for air when trying to render the maps as they are. Adding more maps to them would straight up kill them.

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They do not have any servers to upgrade. Funcom rents servers in a very similar way as everyone else. I’ve even rented servers that ran on the exact same machines as officials. You can too.

I don’t recommend it.

I rent a couple of servers and each run a specific map (Exiled Lands or Siptah or …).

They are rented at recommended Conan Exiled specifications. They all run fine, but being internet based, are affected, as are all internet server farms, by standard and local connection issues, DDoS attacks, mega structure builds by players, international traffic, etc, etc. I have even had angry ex-players that are annoyed by server rules, ‘revenge’ spamming build pieces, etc to try mess with performance (thanks PIPPI for making these things all too easy to remove).

I really wish there were more maps to move about. I (like many) have played since the game was in early alpha. Although I occasionally spot something new that has been added, I kind of know the maps so new stuff is to be welcomed.

If 3.0 brings another new map it will be amazing. If more mods like Savage Wilds appear, also very good. But more maps for the core game and not just as purchased ‘DLC’, that would be awesome @Immortalowl.

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