Another Map-sized DLC

Yes, I’m wanting another Siptah-sized DLC.

I hear the hate already. The sound of a thousand wailing exiles crying out their vengeance.

REGARDLESS! Here it is:

Funcom, you’ve said before you couldn’t add mounts due to the map feeling smaller. Yes, I remember. Don’t act so surprised. I’ve been with Conan Exiles since early access, and followed all its iterations and updates. However, make a DLC map that contains smaller islands that can only be ventured to by ship. Whether we have to build these ships ourselves, or we have to hire them, it makes no difference to me.

Once there is access to ships, you can sail to the other maps as well. If you start in the Exiled lands, and you can remove your bracer, you can instead set sail for Siptah or the other DLC map. If you start on Siptah, you solve that mystery and now are free to sail to the Exiled Lands, etc.


Sipta was so poorly received that I think they are gun-shy about making another map.


They probably are but I personally would like to see a map that is at least 70% water. Especially with the new treasure mechanic. Start off with a small longboat and work up to a man-o-war. Don’t think there were steel cannons in the hyborean age but the Khitan may have had bamboo rockets like the ones ancient china used before gunpowder become more widely used. Either way ever since I saw the massive sharks lurking on the southern edge of the siptah map I’ve been itching to fight one.

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At that point wouldn’t it be better to play Atlus?

I didnt like siptah at first but now i tend to like it more than exiled lands

Well they can make more maps for sure if they think its worth it. The rest of your suggestion sounds like a version of server transfer. The way the game works with the server tho, the server can only have one map loaded at a time because multiple players are potentially using it. In a single player experience, yes multiple maps could just load in and out as needed but not for multiplayer. That would then require a server for every map. The only way it wouldnt is if instead of one large “map” the 8x8 playable area were divvied up into smaller maps that were <=8x8. This is in essence what the dungeons are (a good example is the sunken city). To go from an EL map from Siptah (or to a new map) would require additional servers.

Not to say that isnt possible, but you can imagine that with funcom servers and the issue of server transfer being unavailable at this time, its not a simple ask. Also players hosting their own servers would have to have multiple to cover all the maps simultaneously, something a lot of people do, but because we use mods to accomplish it at the known resource requirements

So possible yes, but with caveats.

But Atlas sucks. Besides according to Conan lore 3 full empires sank into the ocean during the Cataclysm. Atlantis, Thuria, and Lemuria I think it would be interesting to explore a sunken version of the unnamed city. With underwater combat and oxygen management. Perhaps structure sets specifically made for building underwater that create air pockets that can be entered/exited via a moon pool.

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As interesting as that sounds it’s not going to happen. It’s way too much work.

This one may be fuzzy, but did they not note a year or so ago that of they did add more map, it would not be pay gated like Siptah?

Conan Exiles will likely never see ships or even boats. At most… at MOST we might see something like a raft. But if you look at Exiled Lands, very little of the map has any sort of navigable water too it. Siptah is an Island, but nothing of note is in the coast and the amount of playable area that is water is actually quite small since its packed into the limits of what the map can have.

This means to truly get a seafaring experience, they would need to make a third map. Here’s the issues with this.

Another map would be Paid DLC. Its too much of an endeavor for it not to be.
Seafaring craft would be a major feature addition to the game.
For that feature to be meaningful, you’d need to use it on the aforementioned new map.
This means a major feature would be locked behind a paywall for its full functionality or behind custom maps (aka modded servers).
Funcom has no interest in locking such a playable feature behind a paywall.
Which is good for us because that sets a nasty precedent.

A bonus issue is that new maps means ‘new’ servers for the public side of things. Being as most of those servers are empty, we’d probably see another round of mergers. Who wants to roll the dice on losing a few years of building again?

Modders have been able to make water filled maps as well as boats and such. This is probably where that sort of feature should stay.

Personally I wouldn’t say no to Funcom doing this. All the above issues won’t affect me. But I don’t see them doing it.

If they follow what you suggest, and a future hypothetical maps were to be paid DLC, then it would just end up like Siptah.

Barely, if at all, supported and any inquiries as to why would be shouted down with it’s not the core game.

Personally, this one would rather see it not at all than another cluster cluck like Siptah.

Exile map expanded towards the sea, islands, boats and pirate themed Age would be awesome.

They can’t extend the Exiled lands. They have stated this on multiple occasions.

The problem with Siptah in the beginning was that Funcom didn´t took the time to include proper farming-, thralls-, recipe and teleportation spots. People loved the look of the map, great potential and great building spots but it felt to empty, to restricted in regards to items and ressources gathering. They added additional biomes later on and its alright now. Although the map for my taste still feels to small and the bioms are not split evenly across the map. They are way to cluttered together.

I am personally not a fan of the storm. I like to have a lot of thrall camps. It annoyed me to have those permanent storms. In the beginning their was a lot of those storm noises going on. It was so loud. Drove me nuts. I barely played the map so far.

On one side it tickles my finger to build a nice castle somewhere. But can´t bring myself to actually play this map. I wished we had some of that green landscape on the Conan Exiles map.

If Funcom does another map in the future they should do a better job then as with Siptah in the beginning.

Yeah, but they could bind the two maps together so you can travel/teleport back and forth as other games do it for years.

Every Exiled Lands Server is tied to their own Siptah server. You spawn in Exiled Land then have cross points/teleportation points to Siptah. If you do not own Siptah you can not teleport to it.

Its not that hard to code, but somehow it seems that Funcom has big problems doing it.

See I disagree. I loved that there where no camps. It was fresh and fun. Thralls were not sparse by any means. You just had to keep an eye out for portals. Adding thrall camps ruined the entire concept of the map.

Teleportation should be removed from the exiled lands. It was only added to make people stop asking for horses. Not having it in Sipta is great. It makes people actually use the mounts.

I’ll give you recipes. The RNG to get what would be simple knowledge in the Exiled lands is bad. That needs to be fixed in some way.

The problem with Sipta was the fact it was a DLC and that it came out very unfinished.

Siptahs biggest downfal was both the biome diversity and rng grind

I like both maps, but IoS didn’t get the treatment the Exiled lands had. For example Exiled Lands dungeons are unique and exciting. IoS only a handfull are unique, but they’re mostly the same with other mobs.

I like both maps, Funcom did some good things with IoS in the end, however the RNG is still killing the fun there (except for fome items like serpentman bracers, they’re useless… same stats as other generic items but with lower dura).

If Funcom decided to create a new map…:

  • Make it free, paid by the BP
  • Have a roadmap and change it where it needs to based on feedback
  • Have the basics in place chapter 1
  • It doesn’t have to be a perfect map at day one, but improve along the way and add new content
  • There must be a reason to play the map, adding rng recipes is not the solution (all content should be available, just like EL).
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They also run their games on internal servers. Not contracted and self ran servers like this one is.

If anyone has a private server with G-Portal shoot them an email and ask them for PHP access, and let us know what their answer is. Also ask them to run a second map alongside your first without paying extra.

To put it shortly, Conan Exiles just isn’t that kind of game. Its not a MMO and thus cannot be expected to have MMO features.

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