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Something that I believe could bring players back to the game.

create travel boats near the monkeys, where you could take players from exile to Siptah (only those who have the dlc) and there would be a loading screen, which in this case would migrate from one server to another, but each server would merge with another, where we could go and come back, and vice versa.

I also think it would be nice to increase the number of slots for players and decrease the number of servers for those that are empty again. But this should go along with what I mentioned above.

Expand the Exile map, add new quests and make it possible to learn the same lessons from Siptah.

More players buy the Siptah dlc.
More players would come back to play.

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Ok let’s merge Kansas with Hawaii. Boom suggestion shot down. There’s no way to merge islands with the mainland. If they did boat travel between the maps it would work however it wouldn’t force anyone to buy a dlc they don’t want. As for what would bring players back that would be expansion of the maps and new content. That’s something Funcom promised a long time ago but failed to keep.

The EL map only has 1 region left on the map for potential expansion but Funcom stated, they maxed out the map already. This is based on performance issues for the various game platforms.

Having a boat idea isn’t bad, granted, just means you click on the boat / captain NPC and they do the server transfer, so can feasible be done but not much gained from it. (Although official server transfers are offline at the moment)

Correct and the only reason I brought up the boat Idea was because of age of Conan.

Look at Atlas , they have the tech there to do exactly what you describe. ITs not rocket science but does need a fair amount of coding in hell

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That would be nice, I thought about that too.
ATM there are problems with character transfer from server to server, also there are some minor technical problems to solve (such as which servers are connected).

But, again, that would be nice.

I am conflicted :frowning: I want as many people as possible to enjoy this game, because for all it’s flaws I think it’s something special. On the other hand I am willing to make an offering to Yog of as many hardware platforms as needed if it gets more sweet, sweet map :stuck_out_tongue: