Hey Devs map and ships

Just food for thought, why not take both maps and a large body of water and put in ships and boats where the player can travel back and forth with out having 2 different maps to choose from or at lease at little more water to Isle of Siptah with rivers instead of creeks add some water creatures with under water caves with treasure

The exiled lands is as big as it can physically get, any more expansions to its borders would cause the physics engine to breakdown amongst other things. Which is why siptah is it’s own separate map.

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I think the main issue is Conan Exiles is using an old Unreal Engine 4.15, which is not Funcom’s fault since that was UE that was available when they developing the game before original launch. It was original built on 4.13 (pre-launch) from my understanding.

4.15 has limitations that probably the later versions of Unreal may not have. UE 4.26 is the current version with 4.27 to be released sometime this year (excluding the UE 5 versions).

On a side note, while I know this will not be the way you transfer from one server to the other, but it would be cool if we used your ship idea where we had to go to a particular ship to transfer to another server.

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