Adding ships and pirate battles

i have been playing conan for a while and i seen a few videos of people building ships on land as bases for looks. i know the exiles lands your only real water access is on the far side of the map. i built a few ship shaped based out there in the many times i started over out of boredom. it would be fun to build a ship that can travel a set route with the occasional pirate battle at sea. isle of siptah you could set a a planed route around the island. adding a village with a dock to bring your building supplies to would help add to the adventure with all the wrecked boats you see even adding a occasional optional storm to crash your ship.

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A working ship would be cool. I RP my clans as pirates usually, so I always got a ship and a port. My main base on EL is at the cove just beyond Pitfall Pass and my Siptah base is on the furthest southern peninsula of the map, off the Dawn Island.

My friends from another clan also like doing ports with ship like buildings, and I also thought this could be a extremely fun Idea, hell, they could make a hole season about and call it “Age of Plunder” or “Age of Sailing”

Not enough water to really matter for this. This is something for a custom map instead.

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I agree… even siptah doesn’t have enough. However they make for nice builds. I think I’d at least like a proper ship building set, unlike flotsam. I love flotsam and use it a lot, but a T3 cleaner set would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps a set that can somehow use foundations that can be suspended in water as though it were ground. Not sure how the coding would work on that though. I’d be a bit afraid to test stability on it though.

I just want a Stygian battle barge to come through periodically to clear the water ways.

I think it’s high time we get a new map.

Once they finish Dune and make billions it’s time for them to get to work and make Conan 2, with more blood and ever bigger boobs with 4k textures :joy:

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