Conan the pirate and other changes

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Water should allow for battles in it. With different animations for fighting in the water.
Crocodiles need to be faster in water then on land and be able to swim after players in Water.
Outside the swamp… add Sharks.
Expand the map by adding a large water area and islands… and introduce Boats.
Conan was a pirate in life. Players should be able to pirate as well.

Add some form of crappling!

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i like the idea of a shark :slight_smile:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ /\ ~ ~ ~ ~ \o/ ~ ~ ~ :fearful:

did you mean to say “Grappling”? :slight_smile: (a modder reading you wanted Crappling might make a new monster that goes around dropping dung everywhere) :smiley:

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Lol grappling yes!

dont forget cannons/ hand cannon. arrow repeaters. pirate swords. But yeah there a huge as water zone that this can become a real thing. If we can get boats in this could lead to making part of the map to be water / boat fighting a real thing.

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hi dragoonduneman :slight_smile:
someone actually made a base look like a boat, on the fan forum area called “share your shelter”:

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This idea is literally amazing, Please devs, check this one out. I would love to see the top right be filed with maybe a redwoods or a gigantic ocean with islands and a new pirate city.

Despite appearances, the top right is not actually empty. It’s used - if I understand it correctly - as the hiding place for the various dungeons, and various other things that for one reason or another cannot be directly connected to the regular landscape.

The jungle area has the jungle in it…?

Sorry I said that wrong lol, I mean the sea part at the end of the swamp/ jungle, If they would make a tropical sea area there with alot islands and underwater creatures that would be awesome, Maybe even a gigantic pirate city. Would add alot more variety to the game. Devs better do something with this if they can.

Ehm… there kinda is? Flotsam, Buccaneer’s Bay? Granted, it’s the insane/silly “land pirates” found everywhere else (ie, the Black Hand) and they don’t have any functional ships, but still. Okay “gigantic” might be stretching it, but it’s relatively big and certainly one of the big focal points for the jungle.

A sailing mechanic, while cool, would be a gigantic undertaking to say the least, and is almost certainly DOA as an idea.

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Underwater creatures like I said would be a good thing. Maybe adding the pikefish would be a good idea.

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