New transportation and sea animals

I think boats and ships should be added to build on Conan exiles and there should be more life in the water sea monsters and also the crocodiles and gators should be able to swim in the water to attack you and there should be piranhas anyone else thinks this is a good idea new update?


I’d like it, but it involves a lot of new programming. I especially want boats. I was really hoping that we’d see some with the Isle of Siptah, but we’re still stuck with boring old land travel.

Two things I thought that would go hand in hand and revolutionize conan, Auto generated Maps (biome mixes and styles auto generated from islands to continents, on each server being different Rust style) and boats

Imagine your home server advantage if you knew the map and the invaders didn’t for instance, and who doesn’t want the best parts of ships like atlas in conan lol.





One thing many people forget: It is not the majority of the people who play unmodded maps pvp with random people. Get things that appeal to this demographic at the cost of what appeals to everyone else is not sound decision.

“More life” translates to “more sources of jitter”.
This would be only good if coupled with a setting to turn it off.
I do prefer my hundreds of Thralls with no jitter than tons of fish I will never care about.

The randomly generated map comes with a cost, and I myself for one dont want my experience in Conan Exiles to pay for it. I like the game the way it is, and I dont want to lose aspects of the game so “randomly generated maps” become a thing. I play my game for long times in the same map, and I dont want to lose the handcrafted aspects of the map and the specific tailored experience that comes with its level design so the game supports canned industrial produced maps.

The boat idea is a good one, but in the Exiled Lands it would not really pan out because there is very little places to go by boat to. Most water inside the desert and forest area are shallow and a boat there would seem really “unrealistic”.

In Siptah, it would work as fast travel from one point in the coast to another, however, there isnt really a reason why there would be ports and services to take you from one place to another lorewise. Unless your enemies would let you ride their boats so you can find them and kill them.

If you are the one building the port, building the boats, and having a thrall operating as dock master or something of the sorts so the port is yours, and go from one to another, then that is something I like, so much so that I made a mod for that.

But simply having a boat like a “water mount” to go around, seem work for nothing just because “other games have it”.


Ark did Ships nice. Everything else sorta just sucked. I am sure they improved on it some, but when the basics are that bad (jumping animation/GUI) I can’t take the game seriously. Poop tier game. I would love a CE version of ships, even if they are realistically more limited in scope. They have already added some large ships to the game in Siptah, and wrecks elsewhere. It would not be that hard for them to make an update to the map. Volcanic eruption triggers meltwater from the north. The resulting flood creates a second or third traversable river. Then simply add some NPC’s that traverse the river with/for you.

theres so much interesting fights you could have with ships, trebs vs trebs, grapple lines and boarding, ladders.

then theres mobile bases and hitting islands for resources, you could do an entire map of no build beyond temporary shipyards (your ships being your base) and base prefab style ships being damageable at pvp times

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I dont think all maps would have to be user generated, could have exile lands, siptah, then auto gens.

However I dont think auto genned maps would ever happen (maybe an idea for CE2 XD ) would take a massive shift from funcom with lots of investment in new tech, however if done right would clearly breathe a ton of new life into the game. and random isnt really random, tends to consist of chunks that then blend together based on perlin noise algorithms which determines biomes structure etc.

Main cost would be it would open up a bunch of under mesh/bedroll spots I bet without a rigorous anti meshing system.

I believe the topic of boats came up before. I just don’t remember where. It was either in a thread or stream. But the issue is they would have limited functionality in Exiled Lands and even Siptah despite being an island is just a newbie area on the coast. If there was a new map revolving around sea based stuff then it would be an interesting feature. Something akin to like the Barachan Isles or somesuch.

Its probably best handled in mods due to needing a custom map.

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Yeah, the problem is code is one thing, what you see another.
That is why we call it Dreamworld in gamedev.

To accommodate auto generated maps you need to add a ton of stuff to the core code of the game that will be there regardless of you playing in the autogenerated maps or not, the same way a lot of things specific from siptah must be in the game, regardless of you being able to use it, having bought the DLC or even knowing the DLC exists.

Such things would really bother the already not so flawless execution of the game in both the lowest and the highest settings.

About the use of boats, Siptah has coastal stuff that might be interesting to use.

And again, it is not because you individually dont build, go around, and enjoy the sandbox, preferring to just play the main story only, that no one will be around the coast even if it is a “noob area”.

However, there are half of the west and half of the East coast which are noob areas, but the northern, northwestern, northeastern and center south coasts are sure no place for “starting characters”.

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I would like a canoe.


Ya I agree if u have played the mod riverboats it has boats u travel on and river monsters that kill u while swimming. It`s pretty kool.


I would love a horse wagon.

Ships or boats would be a great fast travel mode for Isle of Siptah:

  • It fits the lore. A ship in the Exiled Lands would be of little use due to the curse wall.
  • It would help in getting around without making travelling superfluous, as you’d only reach the coasts with it. One would still have to travel to the tower, the vaults and so on by foot, horse or rhino.
  • The Stygians did bring these nice ships with them. Would make sense to steal one of them, wouldn’t it?

They wouldn’t even have to actually move around. The ship could just teleport to pre-defined spots off the coast: Click the steering wheel oonce, shift around the isle one spot clockwise.

As the Stygian ships don’t have enough space to fit all the crafting stations we need, you’d also still need regular bases.

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Firstly, although I love the ideas of ships, I do not believe they are practical in the CE game without a significant rewrite of the code. @Barnes canoe idea would be much more easily implemented due to it being a, in all probability, 2 tile item similar to an elevator, restricted to water, of a certain depth. This, quickly, becomes a code quagmire we can see played out in the shifting requirements for fish traps that saw us unable to place traps in water, but able to place them on the shore near water.

That said, a DLC to allow us to build stationary ship bases would be very welcome and the DLC could include smaller stations with custom resource costs and smaller inventories to accommodate the resultant environment.


It depends on what scale one aims for.

  • A huge, moving, customizable ship? Difficult, if possible at all.
  • A canoe that works like a mount? Most likely doable.
  • A larger, stationary ship that can act as a waypoint/teleporter to copies of it? Easy, could even be made as a mod.
  • A larger, stationary ship that can teleport around? Also doable, I assume. May be a performance problem, though, at least if it is customizable. But teleporting one of the pre-fabricated Stygian ship models around? Could be done.

The idea could be implemented if one keeps within certain bounds.

Lots of things should be made, but made optional.

Honestly id like to just be able to build a ship even just as decoration. Being able to actually spear fish those fish everywhere would be nice too.

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I want a nuclear submarine in Flotsam Style wood!!!

And yes, that is WITH ICBMs…


Not everything that is optional to see in the game is optional to have in the game.
A lot of things to be done need change in the game code regardless of that being used by the player or not.
And that is particularly worse when it adds latency and restrictions to everyone so SOME can have what they want.