Questions for our Dev Stream: March 12th, 2021


We’ll be hosting a dev stream this Friday 2021-03-12T16:00:00Z to talk about the upcoming changes with patch 2.3 as well as updates to console. We’ll also have a little Q&A towards the end. The questions be selected from here, so if there’s something you’d like answered please feel free to leave a comment. Unfortunately, we may not be able to answer all of them but we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. There will be Funcomers in Twitch/YouTube who will also try to answer questions there.

See you then!


It was good for like 3 days after the last update and back to the same issue.
It is quite discouraging to want to keep playing on our PAID server if we keep getting DASHBOARDED every 45-60mins :rage: any chance of getting Nitrado? GPortal CS sucks :roll_eyes:

Hello Funcom! I love Conan Exiles so much, but there is one glaring missing thing when it comes to the console version.

Text chat. Are there any plans to add this? If so, hopefully with the upcoming parity patch? My family and I all plan to return to Conan once the patch hits btw!

If it was enabled on your official servers I feel it would add so much. As it stands now, we have no way to communicate aside from native console messages and it’s so cumbersome to have to do so. Having a global chat that everyone can participate in would help the world feel so much more alive. I would love to be able to communicate with other people and arrange trades or co op some dungeons, thrall taming events etc.

Right now if I pass someone, I can’t even strike up a conversation, I have to use an emote and move on.

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When can we expect to see out lord and savior crom get some cool stuff for his religion? As our own chosen of asura @Croms_Faithful has been rallying support for?


Can we expect any kind of iddle animations for thralls or pets in the future?


What is the latest word on characters transferring from map to map?

  • Anything you can share about the future 2.4 update and what’s coming with that?

  • Number 1 wish list item I’d like to see is improvements or overhauls to the Purge (more fun and engaging, more dangerous, more rewarding, less spawning on people’s roofs or in mountains, maybe even Siege battles as Alex once said himself sounded really neat, and etc). Anything that can be shared about potential Purge improvements in the future?

  • Working remotely for a gaming company in the midst of a pandemic must be challenging. Has there been any positive take away or valuable things you have learned from the experience of working during Covid-19 over the last year?


These are not specific to patch 2.3, but I thought I would toss them in here and see if I’m lucky enough to get any answers:

  • Are there any plans to change how Exiled Lands recipes are obtained on the Isle of Siptah or will it still be mostly through random drops from vault chests and NPCs?
  • Can you divulge anything about how travel from Exiled Lands to Isle of Siptah will work? Will it be bidirectional? Will it allow us to bring items or followers from one map to the other?
  • Are there any plans to make T4 crafters more unique?
  • Will we ever get to pick grey-flower lupin, mine obsidian, obtain sand beast bile glands, or brew the Potion of Bestial Memory on the Isle of Siptah?
  • Will the follower cap ever be activated on official servers?
  • Are there any plans for new DLCs? If so, is there anything you can reveal about them?

EDIT: Added sand beast bile glands to the question about stuff that’s missing on Siptah.


1.When will you add the weapon to be carried on the back?
2. When do you nerfing the damage on the horses? (I have already given my feedback to 2.3 testlive about horses, still no answer :upside_down_face:)
3. Do you plan to add more vanilla buildings on siptah and maybe some where you can build inside or on it ?
4. Since you adjusted the new weight thing and the encumbrance status, maybe you could introduce backpacks or maybe carry bags on the belt? Maybe you could also reduce the inventory space thereby and if you have the possibility to carry more with the bags you get more inventory space.
5. Will changes come to the trebuchets or generally on the raid system?
6. You have done a great job so far GG Funcom

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  1. Why can we make blood from human flesh in the press, but not from animal flesh? I love blood sausages, but I won’t butcher people for it! Pls fix this! :smiley:

  2. Will there ever be a final boss in the Tower of Siptah? (Maybe Siptah himself)

  3. Are there any plans to introduce some alternative to aloe for the north? For the north there should be something like a medicinal herb or more possibilities with honey.

  4. Any news regarding mounts like elefants or camels and maybe donkeys?

  5. Will we get imprisoned thralls and buried treasures for the exiled lands?

  6. Is there a chance that at some point we will get numbing gas orbs to knock out thralls?

  7. It’s time for a farting emote!?

Thank you!


you can hear ppl if they are near you only if your not in a party chat and if you are in a party chat go into game chat and you should be able to hear and talk with them in passing!! good luck

Hey guys Love the game i just recently opened up my own server it is doing pretty ok that aside i do have one question in the future would you consider making the drop loot on death setting a time restricted setting…it is unrealistic to have to be on at a certain time every day to make sure it is off and on it would help us admins out a lot would love to hear your feedback on this thanks for your time and consideration…Lisa

i would love to show off my amour’s at my base are we getting dummy’s to show them off?


Thrall damage to player reduction on PVP (tired of people running in circles just waiting for their thrall to 1-shot you). Also no thralls that even attack players on PVEC, like it used to be.

Greetings mighty devs!

I’ve got only one question on my mind so far:

Have you ever considered a tlc update for non human creatures?
Like a makeover for hyenas and wolves or just a general rework of the A.I?
I think after all you’ve accomplished and after all those thoughtful changes you’ve done, considering a redesign for some creatures or an A.I. overhaul would be new greatly appreciated change.

Compared to human characters or even the rest of the environment the non human creatures feel quite outdated and don’t seem to fit the rest of the game in a visual manner.
I think there’s a contrast that feels almost unpleasant to look at.

As much as I truly adore all the work your designers have put into the game I would even more love to see you try a reattempt at those creations.

(Sorry, I’m not a native speaker - Feel free to call me out if I’ve misspelled something)

I would like to second the question already suggested about future DLC’s, and any notes or hints that might be given!

As well as if future cosmetic DLC’s might look more at the armors and outfits already in Age of Conan for more inspiration. (There’s still alot of wonderful stuff there to port over, IMO)


@Spynosaur_Nicole , Thaaaaaaank you . I just noticed that the time indication is showing Athens time . Thanks again ,make sure I ’ ll be there .


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any news about the new religion you mentioned along with the siptah update?



  1. Thrall damage rebalance, when we’ll get it? (details in Thralls modificators should be rebalanced )

  2. The Purge on Exiled Lands: will we get a tool that allows to increase/decrease the purge meter manually?

  3. Will the time period 18:00-22:00 be increased? In terms of buggy purges, 60% of the time window the server spends trying to check out everyone and doesn’t start at all. This problem is evaded on non-official servers by 24h purge. You get enough points - you get purged in the nearest 30 minutes, that simple.

  4. t5 artisans: any updates? Since Siptah got its own purges, will we somehow be rewarded for getting rare thralls?

  5. Artisan dressing and horse saddle coloring :slight_smile: A lot of people miss that feature Dressed up artisans