What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!)

Greetings Exiles, and welcome to our next question of the week!

This time we wanted to spice it up a little bit. With a the new year, comes the new us -or so goes the saying.
Many players have already been asking us what are our plans for this new year. While we can’t announce anything just yet, just know that we have our hands full on some awesome stuff we’re planning to release this year. And since this is the question of the week from us to you, we’d love to hear what features, improvements or additions you’d like to see coming to the game this new year.

Since this is a very broad question, we’ll shake up a bit the structure we normally use for our QotW and this time, we’ll ditch the forum poll and ask you to let us know in the comments down below.
So with that being said…

What would you like to see added to the game in 2020?

Run wild with your ideas, or ground them in what’s feasible or not. It’s up to you! But please remember, player feedback is just one of the inputs we use to determine which features are put into the game. We’re just interested in knowing what’s your wishlist coming into 2020.

We’d like to also remind you all that we have a forum section (strategically called Suggestions, oh my!) we scout constantly to see what’s new and brewing, but we don’t participate in those discussions since we want you, the community, to interact and react to each other’s suggestions without our interference.


About QoL Features:

Preset attributes: usually you will be cycling two ‘‘builds’’, one for fighting and another for farming, the whole process consists of drinking a reset potion and distributing your points.
We could ‘‘save’’ the current atribute setup and load it when desired, as long as you have all the points needed as ‘‘unspent’’.
This way you would skip the hassle of clicling 150 times to distribute your points every time. Changing your stats is a common practice for every player, it should be as streamlined as possible.

(this one might even be curruently possible, my apologies if thats the case)
When you place down a building, if it was the last unit you’ve had, it will keep the ‘‘blueprint’’ of it in your hotbar. Selecting its current number will atempt to build a new item.
I would like to be able to disable that, there are many times when you simply want your hotbar free after using every item on that space.

Sorry for editing my comment many times, the ideas just keep coming!

When talking about encumbrance, bearers/horses tend to be the solution for those who don’t want to use all 50 encumbrance points. However, as your tools become better, your character will be overencumbered faster and faster, leading you to interact/transfer item frequently with your bearer.

I think that bearer packs should automatically provide you with the tier 5 encumbrance perk.
You would still have a very low weight threshold before becoming overencumbered, but with the added bonus of running freely with extra stamina cost. The could still Not be crafteable to become a rare item, but with a much better usefulness


My honest answer to this would be I would like to see bugs fixed. I would like to see it so cheaters are punished. I mean you get caught under meshing, its reported, looked into and that person is banned or warned. The only way to stop cheating is to have a consequence to it.

I would like to real answers to questions in the forums not just the generic answer of we are aware and are looking into it or we will pass it on. When you pass it on up to your other teams we never hear a word after that.

I would like to see the Thralls fixed, so broken. I do not need to go into that further, you all can read the forums and see how broken they are for most of us.

I would like to see the patch notes include all the nerfs we do not know of till we pick up our favorite weapon and its nerfed to heck and back. To be honest I would like to see the nerfs stop that does not balance the game it makes it again so work people have put into the game made to be worth nothing.

I would like to see you all use your QA system as in testlive more, for longer and listen and fix the issues before they are put out to the game.

I would like to see more communication from Funcom to its players, its forums.

I would like to see something else to do at end game then level thralls and redo dungeons over and over.

Now I have to say , I love this game I mean it, sometimes I sound like I do not as I get overwhelmed by the bugs or the fact that I level up a thrall and its trash and I have to start over so it wastes my time.

I do, I love the amazing scenery. Looking out of the land in the dark, the lights glinting off the ruins of the Unnamed City the purple mist telling us danger lies within, the sounds as you sneak though a camp in the middle of the night. The Warcry as your enemies chase you across the plains. The battles ahhh some have been epic!!

I love the stories you find as you explore, those little notes making you wanting more, I love that you can find recipes by looking but you have to look. I so enjoy the building and the DLC pieces each have a use to make that building more interesting. The weapons oh the variety of them is just awesome and gives each of us a way to change our play style or to just enhance said play style.

I would love to see the shrines and map room smaller, oh may they are so huge it makes it hard to have a normal size base.

Most of all I wish for the game to run well for everyone and enjoyable for us all, so my wish for this year get rid of the bugs, fix thralls and then move on to the next wonderful you all have in mind.


We do look them up. But we refrain from participating unless strictly necessary :slight_smile:
Reason above.


I would like to see a vanity mirror added, so we can change hair, make-up, etc. after creation. Maybe also add a shaved or un-shaved option for arm pits and crotch.


.) Transmog for weapon and armors (only in the same class)

.) Search bars for consoles (or when a controller is connected)

.) Mounts being a MOUNT and not a follower.

.) The last dungeon

.) A never-ending dungeon, which gets harder and harder (and also comes in 2 modes: with and without thrall)

.) A new/better decay system (where you have to provide resources, to get a max decay timer of 14 days - so people HAVE TO PLAY the game and not refresh by login)

.) Some PvP content (I am not PvP guy, so dont know. Maybe new siege weapons or defense methods)

.) Bring back Gods (I dont need them, but for PvP)

.) Crafting bench/table which is the same as your own crafting things. Bench CAN NOT have a thrall within, to reduce time/resource.

.) Legendaries which are powerful, so there is a reason that they are called LEGENDARIES. Maybe make it PvE-content only weapon. Boss slaying weapons, which do not make any dmg in PvP, but massive dmg against bosses/single-target


I would love to see a big ol ship appear near the Jungle with friendly NPCS and a Captain that says I’ll take ya to a new map for xxxx items.

That other game called Bark allows moving maps so why not the superior game Conan Exiles?


Beards please. For me, for crom, for the npcs. Beards for everyone!!

And a new map, thatd be cool.


Oh god horses not taking the follower slot would be AWESOME. Just make them passive and not engage in combat, by running away during battles.

Its so sad you have to choose between a faster travel to the other side of the map or an actual fighter to complete said dungeon.

  1. I hope to see fatality move like Age of conan.

  2. Weapons type like scourge and dual axe/blade

  3. Mantle slot for character to wear fur mantle (temperature) quiver and backpack

4)More Haircut and beard, and more face for men
Make fat and thin body.

  1. Tempest of set is the best!

  2. Camel mount for the weight travel

  3. Fishing is fun to waiting friends

8 )And new territory add on.

  1. pve Stealth gameplay: crouch/crawl behind npc

  2. Apologize for my language :slight_smile:


May I suggest that you declare this in the “About the Suggestions category” pinned post? The absence of community voice conveys an unclear message of indifference, and I think it prompts people to post out of category, because it gives the impression of a place where opinions go to be ignored.


Thralls equipped with water orbs will detect fire damage in a 3x3 range and trow water at the fire (better offline protection)

A new claim system similar to what rust has to put an end to foundation spamming.

Gravity to players body when they log out (fixing the body vaulting in the sky exploit)

Mount every pet.

Snake pets!!!

Lizards pets!!!(those that spits green balls)

Moving the crossair, like the game called s c u m where you can move your character to the right side of the cross hair and it’s not statically fixed to the left side, for people who are left-handed-left-skilled.

More merchants, maybe few more merchants selling like an iron kit for those who got wiped, like a sword, a shield and a pickaxe, all iron of course.


More robust Admin tools for private owners that does not require mods…

  1. 25 player created spawns (re-spawns like an NPC) with spawn table choices tied to them.
  2. Admin building pieces to allow for proper dungeon and NPC camp building.
  3. Minute, individual control of harvesting amounts for brimstone, iron nodes, wood, and stone, aloe leaves.

All paid DLC for single player/private servers. Not usable in official online. Not craft-able, but only admin commands.

For entire community, a better/balanced economy where all stored items have some sort of decay timer. Give a reason to farm once you have near limitless stashes of everything, and make using resources in a war mean something.


Have added to the Server Tab, all versions: Server Zone, Current Time and IP Address.

For all versions: have Server Zone, Current Time and IP Address listed in the in-game Server Browser.

Add Benchable Snitch Thralls who log when a player comes into eyesight. Then Event Log could be turned off except for snitchable events, and for fishy Admin porpoises.

(long-shot) Follower Priest/Monk Thralls who can heal you and your teammates, and who have the ability to convert enemy thralls while chanting “wo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo.”


What I really want to see added in the game is Mods for PS4. But it won’t happen.
Other than that a search bar for the crafting menu on PS4.

  1. Sorcery.

  2. New map, maybe an archipelago to the right of the swungle, thus giving the option of boats, and lots of unused underwater space that could be expanded upon in later updates.

  3. Boats, either way. Imagine Stygian Royal Barges, Nordheimr Dragon Boats, or Aquilonian Triremes. I want to conquer a paradise.

  4. NPC merchants that maybe visit a craftable market stall, a bit like Terraria’s friendly NPCs, or that wander the map.

I imagine a reworking of the NPCs’ AI goes without saying, but that’s definitely an overarching 2020 hope beyond the rest of my suggestions.

  • AI Rework for followers and npcs.
  • After creation character customization - new hairstyles, sliders etc.
  • Rework of purge - Remove offline purge. Remove purge meter decay. Add rewards to animal purges such as purge tier rare baby animals to raise in animal pen.
  • Pet followers need collars or armor that bring them in line with human followers as well as an AI command to maul or subdue rather than kill human npcs so they can be broken on wheel of pain.
  • Building Temperature Rework - Currently if you want to build in a cold region the best options are Black Ice or Khitan. Rework building temperature system so that they normalize temperature in both hot or cold like Vehemence Elixir does.
  • Decay timer control - Need a rather expensive flag to make that halts a decay timer on the build it is planted on until the flag itself decays(flag decay timer won’t refresh once it is placed. Effectively granting a 2 week decay on a single build claim so so we can take vacations on our own terms rather than rely on system wide extensions of decay timers.
  • Attributes need to be reworked such that different stats have more synergy with each other when trying to accomplish different goals such as melee/archery/farming and so on. Player perks need a rework (Grit 30).
  • Follower perks need to be reworked so that they don’t punish you for leveling your thralls. Remove negatives from the human followers perks.
  • Rework stables to function as a single stall animal pen, and allow horses to be raised in Animal Pens.

wish we could die the tents and banners!!!


Better thralls control when they are following. Something like:

  • Option 1: Don’t attack, whatever happens
  • Option 2: Don’t attack, unless YOU are attacked
  • Option 3: Attack everything that attack one of us or I attack
  • Option 4: Attack everything that moves

And make possible to command the thrall with no need to select him or to be beside of him while following the player. He is already following, he is alread selected. One button “give following thrall an order”, and then wheel of options…

KEEP the current mechanic for those who like the way it works. And add a new option to those who prefer the new method.