New Year, New (or same) Wishlist

Happy New Year to all the Devs at Funcom!

Once again I’ve returned to plant my flag on the hills I want to die on, so here I go, spinning my broken record!

I don’t care if it’s not anything like my suggestion, but of course I want to see Sorcery in the game! I’ll never stop asking until you say “NO. Not possible.”

And once again, I’m still trying to convince you guys to allow Purge Level 7 in server settings: Angry Avatar Attacks! I’ve fended off people, rocknoses, gators, and all manner of malignant intruders! I dare the gods themselves to attack my clan! To be honest, overall improvements to the purge would be welcome in general.

A new addition I’d like to suggest is a wardrobe station for worker thralls that lets you edit the clothes your crafter thralls will appear in. You still have to craft the clothing items and they’re consumed once you change the thrall, but it would be nice to dress up my servants in fancy garb or for some folks, nothing at all.

One thing that’s popped up for me since I’ve taken a more active role as the admin of my server is enhanced admin tools. Like, Pippi level enhancements. Seriously, I’ve bought the game and all the DLC 5 times over (well, my personal copy was super cheap cause I was in EA, but yeah) so can we just pay the man who made Pippi or something? If that’s not an option I get it but can we start opening a discussion on it at least?

Thralls. Their AI, the leveling process…the perks…can we get some more fine-tuning there please? Separate Archer/Fighter perk pools? I know some people have said that the effect is negligible and certain thralls with natural gifts aren’t affected but seriously, just think of it this way:
My wife is awesome, has wonderful natural gifts, and is a valued and trusted companion to me, but if after 20 years of marriage she suddenly got the “Naggy” perk (+10 Organization, -15 Patience) it would be kind of like…wtf. Sure, she’s still awesome and I love her but…really? That’s how it feels when your level 20 fighter gets “Warden”.

Another new request from me: Music Stations. Yes, I know it’ll cost you (and by extension US) to get new music composed for the game but wouldn’t it be cool if you had like Yamatai Koto or Pictish Windpipe stands where you drop in an entertainer thrall and you get to play cultural music around your base?

And how about some revamps on Dungeons? I’m not looking for WoW-level 5-man required Tank LF2DPS post-your-achievements must have legendaries scale of difficulty, but ramping up the “OMG” factor in terms of movement and fight mechanics would be nice. More dungeons would be nice too but I know the map limitations may prevent that.

I’m gonna throw my hat into the whole “maintenance station” concept too as Codemage has suggested multiple times. Logging on and sightseeing your builds shouldn’t be enough to keep the decay at bay. On PvE servers especially, there should be some activity requirement, like “plopping bricks into the maintenance bench so my carpenter thrall assigned there can renew the decay timer on every piece within a radius”.

EDIT: Let server admins restart/prolong in-game events.

Grave Matters is cool, so I’m gonna hold off on a “more endgame content” request for now, since it kind of seems you may be heading that direction. Same with “make the world feel more alive”. Your latest streams have given me some hope so I’ll wait and see.

Yadda yadda yadda, rideable elephants, grumble grumble grumble, rideable camels…

Dunno if you’ll read this or consider any of it, just wanted to get my two cents in again. Hope you all have a great year and I’m looking forward to what you have in store!

OH! Almost forgot!

Crom. The religion. Like seriously. Help out one of our favorite Chosen of Asura.


Sorcery: Something I’d like to see as well, so long as it doesn’t go the typical high fantasy route. Age of Conan would be a good reference for a starting point I think. Also, I had a suggestion in one of the sorcery threads where the spell weaving mechanic could be integrated such that all the fireball and lightning stuff could only be done while in the spell weaving state. Among other things, that would prevent sorcery from being something you see all the time.

Avatar Purge: Sounds cool. Might serve as encouragement to build defensive trebs as well. Has the potential to be a little too strong though. Would definitely need some tuning.

Wardrobe Station: I don’t know that we actually need a full dedicated station, but the ability to change the clothing on our worker thralls is a big yes from me.

Admin Tools and Thrall AI: There’s always room for improvement in these areas. That’s just a given.

Music Stations: People have mentioned some kind of bard thrall in the past, but this might actually work better. This way there won’t be a need to create a new type of thrall that will dilute the spawn pools. Just take an existing entertainer thrall and put them on the station.

Revamp Dungeons: Again, kind of another given. Always room for improvement on these things.

Maintenance Station: Never liked the idea. Seems like it’s just the claim radius flag with an additional recurring cost requirement. Not to mention the typical suggestions for said radius and cost are often way too limiting. I do understand why people want it though. I’m just hoping there’s another solution so this isn’t necessary.


Yeah, I dunno… I don’t wanna dress my slaves up like church mice or anything but I’ve often laughed at the idea of running a nude workshop. :crazy_face: I suppose in this day and age it’s politically correct to allow slaves to at least look like free men - as so many societies do with their wage-slaves. I would like them to be editable tho, yes.

Thrall AI options and a UI to it… I think it would be interesting and advantageous to have thralls that patrolled some user defined path.

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Hey, what could be more free than the absence of pants? :smirk:


Ask and you shall receive my fellow, loyal Crom devotee. :wink: Most forum mainstays know, but just incase for the newcomers, I have been campaigning passionately and tirelessIy on this topic for over 3 years now. For me it is my calling and my passion here on the forum. And I do so in the hope that we can entice Funcom to come to the table on this idea. Because as it stands right now, this is third highest ‘liked’ member made thread in the history of the Conan Exiles forum! I do not for even a second demand, but rather I ask with all the humility I can muster that we consider the weight of the numbers, and that Crom be given some additional in-game artifacts and goodies for fun and roleplay, so that Crom devotees can proudly display their loyalty and their allegiance to their chosen god.

The aforementioned thread is linked below if any would like to support this cause. :mountain_snow:


In terms of some more general discussion DelRioServerMaster, I genuinely feel that tjere are sound grounds to include additional goodies or mechanics for Crom, which can still remain in keeping with the lore. For example, let us say that we were to forge an item, placeable or weapon as a tribute to Crom (lets go with placeable). I predict one of two possible outcomes:

  1. Crom does not care and does nothing. In which case…carry on. No benefit, no loss. Just a simple cosmetic item for enjoyment of the player. There is no reason why players should be unable to build items as a tribute or show of allegiance to him.

  2. Crom is resentful, and attempts to destroy the offending person and/or artifacts. From lore perspective it is feisable, arguably even probable. But from a game mechanics perspective, this is arguably even better, and could make things even more exciting and interesting! For example, this…

It honestly soinds like a great concept to me, Crom gets pissed and send an extremely dangerous Purge or something else to annihilate us. In a time when many veteran players are yearning for a hearty additional challenge, I would welcome this with open arms. :smiling_imp:


Saddle kits and dyable saddles! Like weapon and armor kits, but for custom saddles.

Kits for saddles that can modify:

-Ride speed
-Carry capacity

and of course dyes!


Step by step and ofcurce choosing my best.

I am a Crom admirer too, so count me in, I want some unique benefits by choosing Crom as a first religion :man_shrugging:. I start with a disadvantage, plus I don’t like the “nerf” religions have. I know this word “nerf” hides discussions but maybe for another topic.

Lvl 7 purge…
I believe it Wil give us a good reason to create bubbles in pve, love it. But at the end I would love to have a great loot bag from every fallen avatar, so this would worth the effort.

Crafters outfits…
YES please…

I am neutral here. I think it would be nice, I always like new things, so why not. Still I believe that all the above are “more” necessary. So if I had to choose an order of things, sorcery is the last. There are more things I would beg to see before sorcery, either way I would be happy to see this too!

For some I read I didn’t understand well so I will wait for other comments to understand completely and leave my opinion on them. I am pretty sure they are great suggestions but, patience is a virtue.

Last for now…
Mod authors…
Playing in consoles I never had the chance to play their mods.
They are unique…
I congratulate them all…
I wish the best for their job future since their abilities are unique, so one day someone will appreciate their talents and hire them with a really good salary.
I thank them all, for everything they’ve done and keep doing to this game.
I wish the best for them from the bottom of my heart.


Something like the Convergence Trap would probably be better for this idea, so you would voluntarily call a level 7 purge when you think you are ready for it rather than have it strictly on or off in purge settings.

I don’t care how they do it, but I do want to be able to customize my thralls’ attire.

Yes, the perks are bad and the fact that anyone could even make the argument that they are negligible doesn’t make the perk system better, it makes them worse.

Meh… I have music volume turned way down and usually listen to podcasts while I play. I wouldn’t object to more music options existing, but I wouldn’t use them personally.

I think a lot of old content should get a revamp pass. I think most of the dungeons are already pretty good though, so I’d actually rather just get some additional dungeons.

No. It won’t solve anything and only make the game worse. Anyone who thinks upkeep is a good idea should consider becoming a flagellant.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Valor pleases you, so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge!


LOL, interesting word choice:


  1. One who whips, especially one who scourges oneself for religious discipline or public penance.
  2. One who seeks sexual gratification in beating or being beaten by another person.
  3. One who whips or scourges himself for religious discipline; specifically, in history, one of a body of religious persons who believed they could thus appease the divine wrath against their sins and the sins of the age.
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@DelRioServerMaster if after 43 years my wife got those perks I would go into a loop of doing a high dive into my new Yog pit that goes up above the clouds.


Seconded. Especially after a horrible incident last night where I got stuck in my riding rhino’s butt.


Ps let’s keep this to ourselves.


Agree 100% with your first point.

Your second point actually just makes me want my server option for a level 7 purge even more now…

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So my daughter brought up something interesting last night that speaks to this point.

Our base has 3 max shrines, mine, my wife’s, and my rock-flinging son’s. I asked her if she was gonna put down her Yog pit anytime soon because I’d cleared some space and she asked “What exactly do I get from it?” I had her look up some stuff on the wiki and her reaction was literally “meh”, given we already had 3 full altars.

So now that I think about it, a general religion overhaul is probably needed because after that conversation, I had that office space moment where I looked at my Derketo shrine and was like “What is it you actually do here?”

My server is relatively peaceful so avatar invasions haven’t been a thing and Funcom hasn’t granted my level 7 Wrath of Gods purge so…yeah I’m kind of at a loss as to what our shrines actually do at this point other than act as an additional storage space.


So it seems 2.8 will have Thrall emotes.

Interesting first step into making the world feel more alive. I like it, and am waiting with baited breath to see what else is in store.

Like others mentioned, setting patrol routes would be a nice feature…

For even more depth, higher tier Entertainers could have a wider range of music they can cycle through…

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I remember yogs religion or mitras was the most useful religions for beginners. I loved yogs stakes. It was helping me go very early in cold areas since they were replacing humidity too. Mitras ambrosia was my first potion journey step.
I miss these days, a lot. But it’s not the companys fault that these days won’t come back. Playing Siptah it took me 5 days in my first official to go lvl 60. For some of us the game is very different now. When we restart we feel a preasure to run for the finish line from the beginning…
Bad habits…

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I know this feeling. To the point where my SP game is barbaric mode just to experience the polar opposite of my main game. The tangible fear of death really ramps up the fun factor sometimes.


Gentlemen I firmly agree with you both. Religion needs to carry more weight and significance. Because as it stands at the moment most religious items are more for decoration than actual practical application. Yog and Mitra are the worst affected by this. From my own viewpoint, Purified Flesh and Ambrosia were the only real useful items which Mitra and Yog had. The weapons and armor are redundant from the offset (although they do look cool!), and a placeable is a decoration, nothing further. So they essentially carry no weight or significance at this point. Let us examine their traits more closely:

Healing- not worth it. 3hp per second, that is the same as gruel, berries and human flesh and handful of insects. Except they stack at 100, weigh significantly less and take way less time to produce.

Buffs- also not worth it. A +1 is just too low and it wears off too quickly. I can drink 5 alcoholic drinks, which are easy to obtain and produce, and get a +5 bonus to two attrubutes (as opposed to one), which lasts significantly longer.

I get why these items were changed, and I know they are not going to go back to how they were beforehand. But they need to be adjusted back up a bit.