New mechanic wish list!

Hey guys its about that time of year and we are getting ready to roll over to january again. Last January 31 Funcom released their yearly plan. Unforutnately unless they have been super quiet about what they have been up to we won’t be seeing all of that list added. But now is a great time to make out wants and desires for the coming year known so they know what kinds of things we all want to see. Who knows unique ideas from the community could breath even more new life into the game and bring old players back!

  1. Interactive thralls. Thralls mostly just stand around and do absolutely nothing. I mean even sepermeru is a city but all the thralls do is stand around all night they don’t wander or talk or anything else. Why not give them some life dialog, Habits walk paths, Patrols have them war with other factions and so on. Thralls are super unique but they are rather lack luster at the moment so lets crank up what t hey do and make them super interesting.

2, New siege mechanics. Yeah we were supposed to be able to launch rotting bodies at people but thats not all we can do with sieging a heavily fortified base. Battering rams, siege latters and so much more even adding thralls that man such devices so that players can set up massive battles giving them reasons to tame more thralls that don’t just defend their base after a while thats all you need but with this you won’t just need fighters and archers.

  1. New thralls! There are many a crafting station that has no thrall. Lets get a brew master who makes the fluid press work faster! A dryer who works at the drying rack! Sorcerers who cast spells to defend your home. Gatherers who will go out into the wilds and attempt to gather resources who can be killed for what they managed to gather or make their way home to deliver the items!

  2. Working planting system. The system currently is abysmal and no one even bothers with it! Give us seeds back we have to go out to gather every other resourse why should we have to walk all the way across the map for black lotus or aloe when we can grow it at home and go out to get compost stuff? We would still have reason to leave our bases this is just a matter of convenience.

  3. Dynamic combat. The combat in game is very straight forward and not very challanging. Enemies don’t dodge or adapt they are actually pretty stupid and will walk into the end of your spear over and over again. Give them the ability to dodge, block change tactics, call for help and run.

  4. Sorcery! This is huge and a major part of conan’s world. I don’t want to see a half baked sorcery set up though throwing gas orbs and demonfire orbs is alchemy not magic. Magic is raising the dead, summoning demons, throwing fire balls, hurling lightning bolts and summoning meteor showers. Yeah if you pick this path you should be fragile but don’t make me be fragile and not have power! Thats just sad.

7.Dynamic animals. Have the animals work like they would in the wild. Certain animals rest at night certain animals are more active then. Certain animals hunt in packs other lay and wait for an ambush make these animals reflect their habits in conan. Even herd animals should travel in a herd not as random singles out in the middle of no where!

  1. Duel wielding. We should be able to duel wield any one handed items! Or throwing weapons like javelins and throwing axes or orbs!

  2. Attributes should have special effects based on what they are. Are you super strong? Well give us the ability to do more than hit hard. Maybe if we have max strength let us duel wield hammers! Oh your super agile why not give them the chance to dodge an attack? Oh your super accurate why not give them the ability to see the flight path of their ranged weapon? There is alot you can do here and currently some stats aren’t even worth investing in.

  3. New gods and benefits Religion in conan meant a lot and it should here too. Why are things so lack luster here? The religions are almost the same they offer different items than one another but no real advantage of each other. Make these things stand out heck make it to where you can only have one at a time! Give us more gods Xath god of spiders! Bel god of theives! There are so many in conan’s world its nuts don’t just stick us with a handful guys.

This game has the potential to blow basically all other games out of the water and to steal players from other games and perhaps even genres. I know the dev team is small but they have hit a gold mine with this game doing things that other people aren’t doing. If they have to to make things work outsourse hire well known modders. I would really hate to see this game continue to trend downward i know they made alot of money though so put it to use!

  1. Interactive thralls would be at the top of my list. New animations for them would be nice, too.
  2. I’d like to see siege mechanics added to the Purge. Not just a thrall throwing an explosive orb, but full on trebs. Maybe add short range catapults for smaller, ‘grapeshot’. Or even ballistas to spear large animals.
  3. I’d love to see new thralls. Farmers to work agriculture (whether a planter or a designated plot of land). Hunters to go gather meat and skins. Fishers to work fish traps and nets. Animal tamer to tame beasts faster. And most of all – slavers (put some bad guys in the game where we can go rescue people and ‘convince’ a rescued slaved to stay with the player instead of making the player a slaver).

And 7 - yes – animal packs, flocks of birds, herds of animals, schools of fish. I would also like to see more random wildlife animals: Birds and Rodents (squirrels, mice, gophers, chipmunks, beavers, and so forth) to help make the world feel alive, as well as larger beasts like in fantasy stories. And yes, more ‘interactive’ water creatures.


I agree with 1-2-3-4 completely.

My addition to the list would be to add a basic trading system, either with a simple trade interaction between 2 players or a trading outpost that can be built by players in any area and determine the prices of the units they sell there.

Would love to see some players escorting their camel caravans to certain trade locations and get raided by other players on the way. Adds more action imo!


I like suggestion number 3 about scorerers casting spells, you could have scorerer thralls then you could put them in alchemy with their special spells added.

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Loving the lists guys :slight_smile:

As you all know already, I’d love more building shapes;

1, 2x2 doors,
2, half width walls,
3, half height walls,
4, half width square ceiling tiles (making them rectangular)
5, a wall frame 1x1 to give support above but leaves the space open,
6, 1/4, 1/2, & 3/4 height stairs.
7, Archways, or curved slopes to create 2x wide archways.
8, Larger windows would also be nice.

9, A roof which will let me merge the smaller roof tops into a larger roof slope.

10, I’d also like some basic foundations for landscaping with textures such as sand, gravel, grass.
11, Possibly even a soil foundation which I can plant into.

12, I’d like to be able to place thralls slightly closer together, at least within 1 square foundations distance.

13, More tier 1 wall styles would be nice too, weaved twigs & log cabin styles.

14, I’d also like to see walls STOP light from torches.

15, As many have asked for too, I’d like to see armour stands, or at least a thrall who I can set to passive and who never moves from the spot I place them in.

16, I’d like to be able to dress (or undress lol) my thralls in workstations :slight_smile:

17, Wall heights - As these were set and designed for 1st person view, I find that now we are in 3rd person, if I build a 1x high room, the viewing angle is horrible with what feels like your head scrapping across the ceiling. I’d like to see this view changed, or the walls made a bit taller, half height walls to give that extra space or to be pulled into 1st person automatically when entering these small rooms.

18, More flexibility with the placement of the Map Room.

19, As mentioned above, and frequently in my servers Discord by players is a trading system for players to buy and sell from each other when offline would be great. The vending machine system in Rust has been suggested to me more than a few times but a thrall or chest which could do the same would fit better.

20, @Jens_Erik I’ve suggested many of these a few times over the past 18 months but I’ve never heard any feedback as to what’s possible and what isn’t. Please could you spare a few minutes to go through my list and give me some reasons as to why they can or can’t be implemented?


So far i love the things you guys have suggested. People already love to build cities with these kinds of things we would not just have a ghost town we could create a thriving city that we live in along side our thralls.

I did think of a new mechanic i would like to see.

  1. The ability to break any thrall like creature on the map. Ie giants, snake men, Undead, Were bats, were hyenas and many more creatures are in the game and look like people but we can’t do anything but kill them. Why not give us the ability to use these guys it would add even more variation to our defenses. Right now its mostly saber tooths archers and fighters. Lets see some frost giants beating on those purge thralls or players!

This was meant to be a thing in the game from the start. It was suggested that it would take 3 or 4 players to drag them back to your base after knocking them out. Let’s hope this is still on the drawing board.


I certainly hope so it would be freaking cool!

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Great list I would also add:

  • Moral system for thralls: I would love to see thralls escaping and betraying you in the game. This would make for a better relation between the player and his population.

  • Conflicts or alliances with camps and enclaves: Said this before, it would be great if we could form friendship with the NPC camps of the exile lands, pay tribute, commerce with them or be their enemies. It would make a lot for the game.

  • Another way of finding Thrall: I would say that finding injured NPCs that you could take to your base and cure (technically it would be the same as the wheel of pain, you just put the NPC in a nursing station and feed him), this would give more personality to each player regarding if they are saviors or slavers.

  • Better Purge: Purge with captains, siege weapons and more estrategy would help a lot to the game, specially for PVE, Solo and CO-OP.

  • More and better Dungeons: there should be at least 5 r 6 times the nomber of dungeons, caves and ruins in the game. And they should be more that corridors with enemies. Let’s put some love into this places.

  • Surrendering enemies: It would be cool if some NPCs would run from you if you are too strong, and others could fall to the floor and beg for their lives (this could be linked to the injured NPCs and the new way of getting Thralls)

  • Player Moral system: With some of this changes, the players could have a morale bar that would give favor to them to different gods depending on their actions. This could be an interesting way of encouraging players to be good or evil.

  • NPC building system: I think it would be interesting in NPCs could build random bases and cities across the exile lands that could be destroyable. This would play a huge part with the conflct and alliances mechanics for NPCs.


Loyalty Mechanic (Thralls)

For new mechanics, I’d like to see Thralls treated as people. And we’ve already seen some of that starting to take place: thralls need food. Well, thralls also need a place to sleep. So I’d like to see either working cages for thralls and bedrolls/beds for thralls.

I like the idea of a loyalty system for thralls, too. If a thrall has no place to sleep or is eating poor quality food, morale drops and their get ‘grumpy’ or worse, rebellious. If a thrall is well taken care of, it would increase their loyalty.

Similarly, the aesthetics of a location could affect thrall disposition. A well decorated home improves their mood whereas a poor or Spartan home can be somewhat depressing.

A thrall that was captured may also want to worship their god. This would mean the player either needs to convert the thrall to whatever the player is worshipping or add shrines for the thrall’s deity. A thrall may be converted by crafting the special deity’s token and putting it in the thrall’s inventory (for example, a Mitra player may add a Blessings of Mitra for standard conversion or even a Blessed Mitra Ankh for bonus loyalty points).

There’s many ways a loyalty system for thralls can be done, but those are just some basic ideas.


Conan Exiles could use a Downed System similar to Gw2 and Rust.


What’s a Downed System?¿

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What a great suggestion list, one of the best in this forum so far:

Next to the setup of the behavior of thralls/pets (neutral, aggressive, defensive) I would like to add

  1. Simple commands for Thralls/Pets
  • Attack target - attacks the target the player is aiming on
  • Stay back - stands back without engaging the fight
  • Summon with me - joining the player in defensive position with or without shield
  1. More Diversity for Thralls
  • Old and young Thralls
  • Thralls with beards
  • Tall and small Thralls
  • Thralls with an obvious handicap (one eyed, one leg/arm, thralls with scars)
  1. possibilities to train thralls/Pets using special trainers you have to find
  • Training for a special weapon
  • Training for a special function
  • Training for a special move/emote
  • Training for a special dance
  1. possibility to free a Thrall
  • coming with the loyalty system idea from @Bodin every Thrall gains experience over time and if you treat him well he also gains loyalty. At a special amount of loyalty you are able to free the thrall - now this Thrall will get an epic T4 NPC and his name will spread as a rumor to every other player on the server. :smiling_imp: Maybe they will come now to get your new friend.
  1. possibility to name a Thrall
    (It does already function with pets for pc)

  2. possibility to enslave Thralls from other players (Yes I am a bad guy :smiling_imp:)

  3. Thralls should be able to swim and to climb, but also NPCs should be able to do this

  4. Pets should be able to swim

  5. one or more NPC Campbosses for every camp

  6. Diplomacy System

  • Building alliances with other players/clans
  • Declare war to other players/clans
  • Declare and Accept peace to other players/clans
  • Exchange informations with other players/clans

Its when the player or npc gets 0 on hp, falls down but not dead, instead badly hurt with a very small new hp, letting you have a chance to survive if not executed, of course the player dies instantly by fall, beheading and cutted in half.

This feature is present in GW2 and Rust, it creates interesting scenarios where you can manage to survive, for exemple:

a clan vs clan fight, you’re duelling that guy, and in a tight fight, he downs you, but before he finishes you, as your clan mates are on the fight as well, he can be killed while performing an execute on you, regular attacks can kill too, so becomes tactical.

Fighting NPC’s, mobs, if you get down just when you were about to kill that npc/mob, with a last punch (or whatever attack one would have while downed) you manage to kill the mob, then you can heal to get up.

When you fall down, you can’t move, or move veeeery slowly like crawling, you can attack still, but slow and with reduced dmg. To recover from the downed state, you gotta heal by the healing itens you carry, and other players can heal you too, once you rally, you stand again with 1/3 hp.

In GW2 there are finishers that players execute on downed players, Im sure having this on Conan Exiles, we would have some pretty neat executions like Age of Conan.


Here, see this to understand how it works, of course, in CE would have to be a bit different, but still a feature that fits and enhance the gameplay a lot.


I rather like the idea and dislike the idea myself. Its unusual and such a thing should be handled with great care. Certain kinds of hits should insta kill without letting them go down while others down them Like a head shot that wipes out your hit bar won’t let you go into a downed state but a leg shot will.

Also if they add a downed state they should do a small cinimatic where you execute the individual.

Lots of wonderful ideas being thrown out there i am loving the kinds of things you all are coming up with.


Wow! i’m reading so many amazing ideas in this thread.
The best suggestion list of the entire forum. Hope Funcom read it in order to add some of the them.


As do i. ^^ i am sure they will take notice at the very least. It would be cool to see a community manager chime in with an idea.

Yes, thats why I said falling, beheading, a headshot arrow would kill the player instantly, that’s for sure must bypass the downed state.

Not much for a cinematic, but an emote, it should take some seconds to perform tho.

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Per @Krieg request, please add: Mountain Tunneling - Building mechanics