Some new suggestions

Some more suggestions after a weekend of grinding. :smile:

Item selling: Would love to see either merchant thralls or some sort of an auction house piece put in game. Personally, I’d rather capture a thrall (like the Ice Tea guy in the volcano) and have him at my base selling his wares, but either way would greatly benefit the PVE community.

Destruction Hammer: We need something that makes breaking down old buildings faster. One suggestion that my guild got behind was some sort of destruction hammer that one taps your own building pieces instead of having to repeatedly go through the options each time.

Building piece thralls/crafting benches: Would be nice to be able to offload building pieces to a faster builder. Instead of having to craft everything in your inventory, it would be nice to have a place to dump materials and let them do their thing.

Thrall fighting settings: I know lots of people have suggested smarter thralls or certain “modes” for them. I would only add that it would be nice to toggle them between capturing enemies and fighting them if given the appropriate weapons/truncheon. I’d even accept a way to have them go into a “passive” mode for when you’re capturing so they don’t go killing your target.

Animals: Lastly, while the pets in game are wonderful, there are a few that would help flesh out the world. Namely, cows & chickens. One may notice that we have all these bull statues, but no cows. That may be a bit lonely. But it would be nice to have ways of getting eggs & milk for some more interesting recipes.

Till next time!



theese are my favourite ideas, i would love theese in the game. in addition to the first one, it would be nice to have a better overview in your inventory crafting menu. maybe all t2-3 buildings could be build in that crafting bench instead of the inventory, so you dont have to scroll for minutes to get to the object you want to build (xbox). or maybe a folder system where every building style has got a folder.

for the pets: is would be nice if they could compete with t4 thralls. the pets are pretty much useless when you have a t4 thrall.


Thank you. I try to listen to my clan mates and bounce ideas off them. We really love the game and only want to see it succeed.

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