A few suggestions going forward

First of all - AWESOME work on the game.

A few small suggestions.
1 - an Improved Grinder with greater capacity and speed, perhaps resembling a small windmill for variation, with thrall capacity?
2 - make the grinder process seeds into flour for the bread recipes.
3 - a QoL change regarding the Thrall food pot - perhaps adjust the placed thrall behavior to have them occasionally walk to the pot to ‘collect’ food and emote briefly, perhaps set on a RNG timer so they don’t bunch up, before they return to their ‘post’. This would make bases seem more lively and immersive.
4 - on a related note, make the Stable troughs actually functional as water and feed sources for mounts or pets, rather than just decorative.

Thank you for this wonderful game and all your hard work thus far.


Welcome to the forums, Whimforge.

1 - An improved grinder sounds like a good idea. How would you like one combined with the Wheel of Pain, which would actually make a lot of sense? A windmill would also make perfect sense, and it should fit into the overall technological level of the Hyborian Age.

3 - As much as I’d love for more lively an immersive bases, any increase in thrall activity would cause additional strain to servers, wich would lag the game even more than now. Also, unfortunately, the pathfinding on thrall AI’s is kinda bad, so I’m afraid the idiots would fall off walls, walk into palisades, get stuck on doorframes or lose their way and never find back home again if they were left to wander. I guess the standard recruitment method of repeated whacks on the head with a heavy steel club is sufficient to reduce anyone’s cognitive capabilities to the level of a freshly-born herring.


Love the flour idea…good thinking!


All great suggestions, adding more functionality to the grinder and making the base a bit more live sounds good to me.


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