Just some suggestions

I’m just going to list some of the things which I think would be nice for thralls.

  1. The ability to equip the work station thralls with weapons and armors
  2. The ability to designate a patrol route for archer and fighter thralls, ie, start here end here
  3. Artisan thralls, drier(preservation thralls), brewer thralls, and so forth would be nice, with of course, the added recipe benefit of neat things where applicable
  4. I know it’s in the works, but animal thralls?Ie, guard wolves, lizards, and bears oh my. You get the idea.
  5. Clean up the lag that seems to occur around thralls. Not sure why this happens, but it’s more noticeable on servers, and not just thralls, but any creatures seem to cause a slight lag spike.
  6. Add some more building blocks, please. Pythagoras and immersive rp & building decor have some pretty amazing things, please get some more things like what is offered in those into the game at some point.
  7. Mounts? I know this is most likely in the works, but please hurry on the mounts. Horses, lizards, maybe a flying carpet or some random bit that can be crafted?
  8. Pull-able wagons for transporting materials/increase encumbrance when using but cannot fight? You know, one of those hand pulled wagons with two wheels, it could be something nice maybe.
  9. Magic? I am pretty sure I read that this was either nerfed or put on the back burner, but it would be nice to have priestly magic (healers) and sorcerers (undead/summoner and elemental). I’m sure the balance wouldn’t be that terribly difficult if you scale the magic progression and spell dmg with the weapons.
  10. Pleas fix the bow damages, they are rather junk atm. And please bring back the cross bows.
  11. Basic clothing options increase. I don’t mean armors, but maybe some cosmetic clothing to put in the artistic section for appearances.
  12. Appearance slots for clothing. I know this is in a mod, but it would be nice in the actual game. It’s a series of slots on the right side of the char that allows you to put in and either hide or use another appearance.
  13. More creatures? I’m not overly familiar with the lore, but some lizard men in the swamp would be neat, maybe some hags, ghosts, etc? Just an idea.
  14. Merchant stall with merchant thralls, build the stall table, capture a merchant thrall, put what you want to sell in the inventory, set the price gold/silver pieces, and let them sell to other players. buy/sell buttons when interacting with other peoples merchants while viewing what they have to sell. you get the idea there. Kind of like a never winter nights merchant system.
  15. Please fix the terrain plant issues with them popping up out of the foundations after a foundation is placed. It just looks odd and makes no sense.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things, but maybe this will get read and considered.

I’ve noticed that if you place a foundation in the water, just low enough where you have to swim, then it cannot be destroyed via the hold e destruction. Just a small bug. Explosives wont break it either.