Suggestions from a New Player

Been playing for about two weeks now with some friends on a rented private server. Having a decent enough time so far with the game, and since the server is currently undergoing some sort of version update, I figured I’d think out loud here.

I’m digging the Thrall system for the most part. Having randomly spawning NPCs with different jobs and tiers appeals to the gacha gamer in me. I do wish there was a way to customize the appearance for my newfound “friends” aside from armor, though. How about a new barber/stylist Thrall and associated workstation? Well, no need to go that far, but being able to change their hairstyle would make give them all a bit more personality.

The base building system is nice and an improvement from the one in Ark. It’s certainly more user-friendly, especially when it comes to moving and replacing structures. I feel that the tier-III workstations need a better in-game description. I have to look up these buildings on the fanwiki to see how they’re different and what they actually do. For example, tier-III furnaces are both some variation on “X-efficient forge,” and one them says it “lowers the cost” of forging items. That would suggest that it uses fewer base ingredients, but all it does is reduce crafting time while also using up more fuel. So not only are the names incredibly similar, but the description is misleading, if not outright wrong.

I looked through the interface but couldn’t find a way to disable helmet rendering in-game. The long hair is actually really well rendered and animated, so it’s a shame that all of the headgear covers it up. Also, boo for no proper ponytail option.

Certain dungeons need to have multiple spawn points. We were running through the Warmaker’s Sanctuary, and that one in particular needs a second spawn point once you’re in the Inner Sanctum. You can’t get past the locked door to the IS without a key, so if you die, someone with the key will have to stand by the gate to let you back in. There are probably other long dungeons that could use additional spawn points; this is just the one that did us in last night.

Last but not least, some of the battle pass challenges need some tweaks. Killing 10 bird creatures is fine and all except that, to my beginner knowledge, that only leaves you with ostriches and vultures, both of which have a very limited spawn zone in the south. It’s at an odd intersection of needing you to kill very easy mobs that are comparatively difficult to find. It’s not like with the prey animals challenge, where each zone has ready access to an eligible mob. If you’re in the northern or central part of the map, you have to travel a fair distance for such a “common” challenge. Same things with vulture feathers challenge.

Long post over. Thanks for giving us this game. I look forward to seeing how it evolves from here.


There’s an Illusion system in Sorcery where you can make it look like another head item, such as earrings or a headband.


There are plenty of birds in the 5-6 n-o map area. And Welcome to the Forum @Kamonichan

Most of your wishes can be achieved with MODS.
Improved Quality of Life, or IQoL, for example can allow you to customize you and your thralls’ appearances any time.
Devious Desires even allows you to change clothes on the workers (and many more features…)
Since it’s your server, adding mods won’t be a problem.
Have fun

The Orb of Nergal (sp?) handles that for the most part :slight_smile:

The jungle has a lot of birds in it too. I don’t know too much about the battlepass since I haven’t really been involved in the game lately, but I do remember hating those birds with a passion. Way too much health for a creature with supposedly hollow bones

I’d like this as an option. Currently, the illusion system can work (Change the helmet to the earrings or something) but an option out of the box would be nice

Glad to see a new face :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums and welcome to the game!

Only for the player though not thralls


As Mikey said. If you unlock sorcery, the thaumaturgy table will allow you to transmog items. You can transmog a helmet look like something non-covering, such as Vanir earrings or a iron headband.

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The game has been made ridiculously easy in the past couple of years. There’s no actual surviving anymore, harvest rates are absolutely brainless and the magic stuff ruined PvP and having to do things yourself. Warmaker’s added spawnpoint and tweaking the bird thing would continue down that path and the game shouldn’t be easy like that. There needs to be some challenge left in there that inspires you to be prepared and not to get killed. I mean seriously, if you need to kill birds, go where the birds are: jungle. And for the love of Crom, you don’t even need to go and get your stuff anymore if you die somewhere far away, you can just harrypotter your body and loot back to base. Give me back the old Conan and i’ll gladly pay the price again, this is complete crap!

You can use the illusion system to change the helmet appearance with some earings or circlet for example.

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