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[Misc] Like how the games coming along, have a couple of suggestions though and a response would be awesome.

1.[Misc] is it possible to break up the biomes into different loadable maps as to make the servers run smoother, all the giant player bases make certain areas run really choppy.

2.[Misc] can we get a village system where non hostile npc’s will gather and be able to buy and sell whatever, also having periodic quests come from them would be cool, such as kill this, bring me this, or kill that one pc because he’s been raiding my house or so n so.

3.[Misc] a bigger difference in play of nomadic vs civilized pc’s. My thoughts is when leveling up having to choose spending the points between learning something or turning yourself into a conan esque bamf.

4.[Misc] more interactive combat system perhaps in the flavor of Kingdom Come Deliverance

5.[Misc] consistent armor and weapon drops on npcs

6.[PvP] Making resources around the map more random and having a moving area of high resources that stays stationary for a couple hours, while all other areas have extremely low resources. I think this would be interesting on PVP server as it prompts people moving into other peoples territories for a reason.

7.[Misc] Armies (work like purges)

8.[Misc] limit on thralls but have them respawn when killed

9.[Misc] more ingame events

10.[Misc] player character hunter(s)

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1-feel like that would worsen the experience players have going from one region to the next. The transition zones may seem strange but its still fairly seamless and adds to the “open world sandbox” feel. Your map only loads so far anyways, so large bases far apart won’t load simultaneously.

2- I agree with some sort of neutral system whether it be given like the Set City is or earned from various tasks. As far as quests, not in the traditional sense of “Gather this in exchange for this” or “kill X amount of this creature”. Perhaps bounties for named thralls from enemy tribes or helping a faction against a raid on their people would be great and less expected.

3- not sure I understand this fully, you want to merge feats and attributes?

4- Everyone wants this, last I heard they are still improving this in the latest testlive branch and will probably continue to do so for a long time.

5- I already get weapons pretty often, armor occasionally. Do you mean consistent as in all the time?

6- I know when the servers get updates the resources tend to move a little bit. It would be nice if this just happened naturally but perhaps down the line.

7- Armies as in sending in a bunch of thralls to attack another player or thrall base? I would hope not this isn’t a war simulator.

8- Disagree completely, no need to limit you can already set the server to have thrall feeding on so it’s restricted on how well the player keeps them fed.

9- I think one of the core features of this game is that the content is mostly player generated. Between mods and private server add-ons the possibilities can go in any direction without the need of developer time and resources. Best they keep working on giving us polished tools to do these events and improving the core game than add short term events in-game.

10- not sure what this is.

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