Suggestions for developers. Part 1

There are a number of suggestions that the community would like to see in the game:

  1. Correction of bugs.
    1.1 The damage of the Kkhita weapons is higher than that of the other DLS! Correct! You will see it in the talent window! I did not check the armor, apparently they were given the same advantage.
    1.2. Bag with animation lying, when you switch to the first -face look standing against the wall, then press V, then call the animation lying, then press V, and you see everything behind the wall! It is unacceptable!
    1.3 Correct a mistake with the Nemidian foundation. Things disappear!
  2. Update the old DLC, add items that should be there and for some reason not added! For example, a Turan camel!
  3. Make it possible to pass through your companions! They often block the passage and cannot be moved!
  4. Blok the whipping of the level of level on private servers! Players with such functions receive 119 levels! This is done with the help of the administrator, after zeroing the level! Or block people who have more than 60 lvl!
  5. Add DLSS this is not so difficult to do! Everything is ready only click your finger, I’m sure you will succeed!
  6. Correct the sounds of a crowd of zombies, make them less often 3 times. In large quantities it is impossible to listen!
  7. Correct the camera from the third person, make it different! If you take a spear, you will not see where you hit! In addition, for some reason, blows are not in the center, but to the left part from it!
  8. Please create a new PVP-NDB game mode! Not Destroyed Buildings!
    I played both PVP and PVE-K. PVE-K where it is impossible to collect other people’s things is incredibly boring and does not make sense.
    I have a proposal, make 4 mode on official servers where everything will be the same as in Pve-k only there you can collect other people’s things and collect other people’s containers, if they are open! I think this regime has gained popularity at least on private servers! Your house is your fortress!
  9. Add the function of the buttons with a combination of buttons, when you point the cursor on the storage and use it, the following will take place: the storage takes only the objects that it stores. This function was recently introduced in the Valheim game! This function is necessary for this game! VERY IMPORTANT!
  10. Pay attention to the remark of the blogger -
    PixelCave (- YouTube ) about the last paid items in the bazaar, for the same reasons I refused to purchase them, so you lose profits.

I apologize for my English, I do not know him well.

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