Perks, Economy and Gathering upgrades, Buildings, New Mounts, Thrall Additions, Make Pets Great Again!

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Before I go forwards with this post, I just wanted to commend the effort and the work done by the developers. It’s hard to make a game when your making it for such a diverse group of people from PVP, PVE-C, PVE, and roleplaying side as well. Not to mention trying to balance new features versus constant patches and bug fixing. I’ve been around since really early access before the north expansion and the amount of progress and attention to detail is amazing. You said in your developer stream you look at all the forum posts well this is attempt at putting in my full list of what I consider important or valuable additions, changes, and fixes. To fellow players, voice your opinion if you agree or disagree on many of these things, I think its important to let them know what exactly what we all want.

That being said I like the direction of Isle of Siptah. I think it needs some tweaking for sure but I like how it’s a different style of playing the game and not just a different map with vanilla gameplay. I’ll probably post another set of suggestions for Siptah as well separately.

For the majority of the game I feel like you won’t really have to add many features I feel like the majority of it is already there it just needs to be altered to actually be a core part in the game and people using it more.


Strength, seems fairly well put together.

  • Agility
  1. First Perk should be reworked.
  • Vitality
  1. Every set of points should increase oxygen level, and amount of food required to keep yourself full.
  2. First, & Second Perks should be reworked, oxygen being passive and temperature being a Survival passive. Example: Lesser damage from poisons, or fire etc…
  3. Fifth perk needs to be reworked or fixed.
  • Accuracy
  1. Keep first perk.
  2. Remove Second Perk and replace or move down with Headshots deal 50% more damage, lets face it nobody is spamming out headshots in a PVP fight continuously if your good enough to keep them fairly often you should be rewarded for it. Shouldn’t be an instant kill.
  3. Keep third perk or possibly rework.
  4. Keep forth perk.
  5. Change Fifth perk.
  • Grit
  1. Every set of points should decrease stamina needed for running.
  2. Keep first perk.
  3. Keep second perk.
  4. Change third & fourth perk.
  5. Keep fifth perk.
  • Encumbrance

1.When doing encumbrance, make it actually deal with encumbrance. Example: Stamina bonus when over 50% weight, or weight bonus’s to certain common resources or items.
2. Change first perk
3. Keep second perk
4. Change third perk
5. Change fourth perk
6. Keep fifth perk.

  • Survival
  1. Every so often points should affect your temperature regulation, and therefore affect the need for water continuously.
  2. First perk could be less water and food required or keep the same.
  3. Second Perk should stay as is.
  4. Third Perk should remain in the tree, if you want to move it up a level then that’s fine.
    Fourth and Fifth perk should be changed and effect Cooking, Water retention, gathering resources, etc…

I know there will be disagreements but I feel like it should be a hard choice on what you want to max out as character. I just feel as if some perks and passives should be adjusted to better fit peoples builds as we go along. Especially survival, making it harder to gather resources on official plus not getting a bonus to harvesting animals and taking longer to get the perk for harvesting twice as quick makes everything a huge chore especially for many of your solo players which is quite common in this game.


There’s multiple way of gaining resources. I think we could definitely fine tune things a bit more, and make some additions here and there. As well as some resource node adjustments on the original map.

• Node Changes

  1. More aloe added throughout in the Exile Map.

  2. Actual gold spawns throughout the world in like two-three different areas, to balance Siptah and Exiles, make a big spot for gold like the volcano and then some smaller locations elsewhere.

  3. Brimstone in Jungle is not worth gathering, should make those so that we can farm them with picks, or change to provide a quicker supply. Seems like a wasted feature if no one is using it often because you can only pick one up at a time.

• Tools & Additions

  1. Star Metal, Black Ice, Obsidian, and the Arch tools should give higher benefits individual resources. Example: Obsidian gives a higher chance at receiving gold out of obsidian nodes, yet rest of it stays the same.

  2. Oil of Bounty should get a time increase like 10 mins of active time or lower the cost of it.

• Merchants & Market System, Auctions, and etc.

  1. Markets & NPCS that you could buy certain resources off of, resources that we use all the time. Buying Bark or Elephant Hide, or Oil when players have a bunch of money sitting around and need some quick resources. Or starting off and certain resources are harder to get.

  2. Making an Auction system where you could upload items or thralls to sell to other players for prices either currency or resources. Encouraging trade and wasting less.

  3. This could create a whole other way of obtaining resources and give the currency in the game a real purpose. Example: People running dungeons/vaults and selling stuff on auction and benefiting from the currency gained and using currency to buy resources instead of the regular sense of gathering. Depends on your preference would work better for maybe solo players but on large scale requirements farming would still be the best method of obtaining resources. Farming should still be cheapest way just offering other ways of obtaining resources.

  4. Also, have slave traders where people can buy T1 – T2 thralls essentially expanding the jungle one to maybe another location or two and offering different thralls at different locations.

City/Settlement & Dungeon Runs

  1. This needs some major rebalancing in my opinion.

  2. When I start on a new server, I basically go to Sepermeru and just do chest runs, and I rarely ever actually go and harvest my own steel or thick leather for that matter. This needs to be balanced, I shouldn’t be able to run Sepermeru and get more then places where I have to fight harder and more NPC’s.

  3. NPC drops need to increase harvesting them isn’t worth the trouble compared to chest runs.

  4. Is there a major way to get fragments of power in Siptah?

  5. Ensuring that Dungeons all have a particular resource that is worth farming for players, making sure depending on the Tier of Dungeon that it offers more then the regular settlement farming run and items that drop are typically better/more useful then your regular weapons, armours, or items. Example: Warmaker Dungeon – Khari Steel, Arena Champion Armour.

  6. Adding Fragments of Power throughout the harder dungeons to make runs more worth while.

• Pets & Passive Resources, Fish, Farming.

  1. T3 Fish Farms with platform, far larger have to be placed in deeper water. Gain more fish per more, harder to defend. Gives a use for the rivers and ocean in the jungle and off the coast of Siptah.

  2. Farming – actual plots of land, maybe terraforming added in where we could level off small portions of land. Irrigation thrown in where we can bring water in from wells or rivers/ponds/lakes. Growing crops: wheat, hops, things we could use for further food recipes, feeding thralls and pets. Having a farmer thrall to work on farms/using horses as a placeable pet to increase productivity.

  3. Farming with Pets – much like we have now being able to produce resources off of pets passively in exchange for food, maybe bringing up the values of % chance to get certain resources or giving more pets this passive ability, or giving others more.

i) Animals such as gazelle we could farm for meat and hide, only be worth it if we made a breeding system where we could consistently produce offspring off of maybe two animals or more.

ii) Elephants, Rhinos for thick hide and meat. Elephants for Ivory, etc.

iii) Spiders produce ichor, certain variants giving higher amount of silk, rare ones producing demon blood.

iv) Sand Reapers producing ichor, certain variants producing glands or some sort of poison formula.

v) Rock nose giving iron, crystal, and obviously the silver and gold rock nose producing their respective resources.

vi) Ostrich & Shoebills produce feathers, eggs.

I might be missing some possibilities but most of these already operate like this. But we could balance it, it’d take more resources off the hop and requires more space & food types in the animal pen. However, saves time on gathering resources.

  1. Worker Thralls – thought of two different styles to make worker thralls work.

i) One would be the conventual follower that follows you around and gathers resources as you command.

ii) Second would be a building you would have to throw down near resources and have people collecting a certain type of resource. Example: Lumbermill, Mine (Ore and Stone), etc. Would cost more food to keep active and if they we’re away from base you would have to keep defended with other thralls.

iii) Second way would have a huge advantage at gaining resources, but you’d also have to keep safe from other clans and players + keep food levels high.


  • An upgraded chest that can have twice the items and actually stack correctly.
  • Clan beds, that all members can use instead of individual beds, being able to select then one bed and a bedroll.
  • Masonry Bench – for making T1 – T3 building pieces keep T1 building pieces in your inventory for making things on the go.
  • Stop make DLC Tier 3 options, start throwing some DLC Tier 2 options in for people when they are in the middle, maybe some more Tier 1 options.
  • Make Sandstone Gate, and gate frame.
  • Change resources required for some T3 Buildings, Black Ice Buildings are the only one that requires different resources. Should change some of them to require different resources then the norm. Example: Pictish Buildings cost insulated wood and steel reinforcements.
  • Elevator increase speed slightly, create a defense for elevators. Example: Being able to go through hatch frames.
  • Siege Defense – Mounted Crossbows, Ballista’s
  • New Armorer’s Bench – I like the idea of the new benches being speed VS. cost, but the armorer’s bench doesn’t really apply anymore. If you made one so you could combine two or more thralls benefits together for a better piece of armor for a higher cost. I feel like that would be worth it instead of speed.
  • Turning stables into a one-slot animal pen, and making it so that horse’s can be thrown into the animal pens.
  • Switch on the end of the bridge for players/clan members to bring drawbridge down when you’re on the other side of it.
  • Improved Dryer would be a nice addon.
  • Putting thralls on Tinkering Bench should decrease price still.
  • Adding Engineer thralls to put on a siege equipment to repair consistently, and reduce cost of ammo and possibly operate smaller defense equipment?
  • Possibly being able to add dye color to structures to help it fit in better with the environment?


  • More Legendary Armors, try to keep balanced.
  • Armor Adjustments:
  1. Light armor class is the most balanced class, throughout DLC and main content having about 2 or 3 types of armor that boosts each stat.

  2. Medium amour boasts: 6 Strength Bonus, 1 Agility Bonus, 4 Vitality Bonus, 3 Grit Bonus, 2 Accuracy Bonus, 3 Encumbrance Bonus, 2 Survival Bonus. That is not a fair representation of medium armor, this should be the balanced class where as light should lean towards more accuracy, agility, and encumbrance.

  3. Heavy Armor has: 3 Strength Bonus, 3 Agility Bonus, (Why does heavy sets have more agility then Medium?) 4 Vitality Bonus, 4 Grit Bonus, 2 Accuracy Bonus, 2 Encumbrance Bonus, No Survival Bonus!!! Add Survival Bonus armor.

  4. 18 sets of light armor, 20 sets of medium armor, 19 sets of heavy armor, that you get default through main content and DLC content, fairly balanced without legendary.

  5. Improve Religious armor sets, and make Dungeon armors much better then standard default armors depending on Tier of Dungeon Level. If you have to go collect and go through a dungeon to obtain an armor it should be much better then your default armors. Example: Silent Legion Armor should be better then standard End-Tier Armor, otherwise why would I go put in all that effort?

  • Add Shield types: Buckler, Round, Tower. Each type would give you a bonus due to agility, grit, coverage, weight, durability, and defense.

  • Add Bow types: Short Bow, Compound, Long Bow, Crossbow. Each type would give you bonus’s to range, damage, armor pen, and what would be useable on a mount, adding diversity.


• Whole revamp of recipes. There is no point of actually having them there if people aren’t actually going to use them.

Example: Derketo – Keep Stamina elixirs, adjust clothing and weapons to actually have some sort of use, maybe make it so you can turn items into certain resources for different fish bait. Example: Honey for Queen Bee, Plant Fiber for Handfuls of Insects, etc.


  • Continue fixes to computer AI.

  • Adding a Captain/Commander unit, that will train active military thralls for very small amounts of EXP for increased amounts of food.

  • Lookout thrall that runs around and turns on/off torches plus provides a lookout and notifies when enemy players come near the base?

  • Performer

ii) Performers provide healing regeneration, and removing corruption at different rates.

ii) Instead of always healing regeneration maybe make it so that some provide a stat boost, or carry a buff versus things like the undead. That way people will seek out other entertainers all the time depending on their abilities and might actually take them verse a fighter/archer/bearer.

  • Increasing level of thralls to Level 60 and rebalancing them, and fixing the randomized points. People should not be using archers as a fighter, and vice versa.


  • Protecting pets from gas damage, honestly pets have become useless for this matter you can always pick them off with gas arrows, whereas thralls you can at least throw masks on to protect them.

  • Stop the getting stuck in Rhino heads, and other issues with pets running into characters, possibly make a following distance and teleport distance to keep them a touch away from you.

  • Creating advantages for pets due to environmental conditions. (EG: Sabretooth does more damage in winter conditions.)

  • Animal Tamer Thrall: decreasing time taming pets, increasing stats or chances at higher level, reduce food costs of training animals, etc.

  • Implementing a breeding system for pets and mounts to help create better pets overall, increasing max level to 100 to match thralls.

  • Create specific uses for each pet that make it different from thralls or other pets that help keep pets useful to players. That way you don’t have a bunch of wasted pets sitting around.

  • Ranged modes for pets: Gorilla throwing rocks, Spiders applying crippling from farther distance, Sand Reapers apply spit from farther, etc.

  • Saddle-dying, maybe randomized colors for certain animals’ skins for role-players collections.

  • Adding more mounts each one having specific uses.

  1. Horse: Agile and versatile, adding pack saddle to increase slots by 5 so you can carry more.

  2. Camel: Good Stamina, Agile, Large Inventory. Can send home at any point with full inventory like a trade caravan.

  3. Gorilla: Able to climb and jump farther, heavy ranged attacks, slow to build up speed, slow attack speed.

  4. Rhino: High Health, High DPS and armor pen, slow, able to equip Heavy saddle to make horn into battering ram to do damage to gates.

  5. Elephant: Very Slow, High Health, Major AOE damage, able to support archers above on Heavy Saddle that creates a platform for them. Biggest inventory but incredibly slow and drains stamina quick.

  • Legendary Pets, like Frost Giant. Adding Sand beast, and maybe Dragons.

• Labelling obelisks on map for players to see, possibly creating high cost elixirs to directly take you to each obelisk.
• Witch fire and Radium torches for people to use.
• Adjustable roles in clan so clan leader can make different roles for people.
• Better balancing raid dynamics. Explosive Arrows shouldn’t be better then Explosive Jars now.

These are the majority of my ideas right now; I know some things seem like extra work but I feel like they would give players a pretty good progression feeling. I feel like there is a lot in the game that just chills out in the background that could be put to better use and a few changes and additions would really make a huge difference.

*Off topic, I had my hand crushed three months back at work and been going through physio and in and out of the hospital and so far, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to return back to my job. However, been looking into programming as a new career path. So even if FUNCOM doesn’t put these features in I was going to start creating mods for the game when I get a free chance as a Project. So, anyone reading this please let me know if you like these ideas, hate them, or what you would change about them. *



These ideas are great and we need more modders with fresh ideas… without modders the game will stagnate

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I just typed up a list suggestion like this and it’s really great that I’m not the only one who thinks they really really need breeding and some type of marketing to bring player’s interests in. Greatly agree on so many things here! Hope they take a gander at our ideas!

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A lot of these are great, man, thanks for putting this together !

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Too high tech for funcom.

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I understand why you feel that way, and your probably right for some of these ideas. As of now it might be to high tech, but give them time. I’ve watched them say they’ll never intergrade something into the game, then do it later. Might be a challenge and take longer but they keep trying to consistently try to improve the game and bring us original content that they figure will work. If the game totally sucked none of us would play it, so they must do something right.

Don’t get me wrong you have a reason to be upset with them or doubt them if you want, but give them props when they deserve it, and let them have it when they f*ck up and they are way out to lunch. They’ve exceeded many peoples expectations with a lot of features and work they’ve done with this game, and I’m not always holding my breath with them cause they’ve disappointed me a lot… but they’ve also impressed me with a lot of their ideas, and functions of the game.