Personal feedback for Siptah

my friends n me are now playing Siptah the last 3 days as much as we could. It‘s time for a feedback.

I‘ll start with some bugs:
-tiny turtles ignore the pet slots in pet pens
-on that island in north east the aloe plants aren’t harvestable, crystal nodes dont break after harvesting and picked up ones stay visible for tribe mates.
-loot boxes need a server restart to refill again
-horse riding… sometimes horse is just stuck after mounting it. Two diff cases, one where u can only walk forward(not left n right) and another one where u can not move until u press backwards.
-1 rotbranch boss is stuck in a mountain

Things which we dont like:
We are ppl who like to customize the game a bit for more QoL - farming all this eldarium is a pain. We would wish that its connected to higher harvesting rates - since a lot of us are working ppl. Means please dont drop it in inventory, make it as a harvestable ressource so we can balance it with our rates. Nobody has fun on doing a dungeon 100x… that gets boring :confused:
Next thing… crystal is too rare. Standing there at the shrines and pressing x times E to get a handfull of crystal is a no go… please add some harvestable nodes or increase the crystal per pickup.
Then the maelstorm building dmg, what about making it to decrease building dura over time while active storm - instead of random breaking whole building bits and all else have no damage ? Unrealistic lol
And then healing arrows… 10 water orbs seems a bit much for 10 arrows. Thralls hp is so low, we really need something to keep them alive, but way too expensive now.
Wild surges… need some more t2 or t3 crafters. Would be really more motivating if we could get thralls which reduce the crafting costs at least a bit.

Now some positive vibes:
Thralls via surges are a really cool and creative feature! It changed the way to play like 100%! Can‘t run to this and that camp to get directly named thralls - Really like it, its challenging! Ppl love getting rare stuff.

No farm hot spots - another thing we really like, since whole ressource spots can not be blocked by a single tribe anymore ( without much much more effort ) Thats a good choice.

Lots of different bosses to kill, also that we dont need thralls to kill vault bosses. We can make it as a team, deffo the feeling back that the player counts more than following thralls.

Healing system works nice with those animations, would like to see that fighting animations get sorta force animations too, so that interrupting combos stops. Right now it is a bit rough, its hard to heal but easy to hit very fast with same attack. Offhand weapon animations would help too…

You did a great job, buildings are amazing, armors are cooly the rhino is running nice.
And a very cool new way to enjoy conan :slight_smile:


There is (at least) one place that has harvestable crystal nodes. There may be more, I’ve deliberately not looked it up as I want to be as unspoiled as possible (you only get to experience the new map once - after that it’s no longer new), so location is spoilered below:

H7, at the Imp refuge

Hey Provokatze23,

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