Feedback on the current state of Siptah

Hello all,

I’ve been playing a bunch since the newest patch deployed, and I would like to give some feedback on the current state of Siptah for the devs, hoping they might find it useful.

  • The area between the Wreck of the Sea Dog and the Lemurian camp in the south of the island is stupidly good: the flotsam crates at the wreck can easily yield one or even two Gravediggers, and the lemurian camp has a diggable thingy that can give you lemurian weapons (which are great) or a lemurian piece of armor. Camp a base somewhere in the middle of these, and you start the game with a massive advantage. Personally I like this dynamic, so I would propose it also elsewhere in the map, notably in the western part.

  • The storm looks stupidly weak inside. Seriously, it does not feel like a storm AT ALL. I guess you nerfed the effects in order to reduce the load on consoles, but come on, this is WAY too much. The way I would solve it would be to make it a server setting. It does not have to be super complicated, just give us a series of presets (Storm Effects: high,medium, low) and we’ll take it from here.

  • The island is currently suffering from a serious lack of taskmasters and dancers. Is this intentional? Because it can be quite irritating to travel from one end of the island to the other just to snag a taskmaster or a dancer.

  • Bastard’s Stand does not feel like a settlement. It is supposed to be the capital of the stygians on the isle, but it is just a collection of fighters and archers. Moreover, it does not trigger the “find civilization” journey step. This feels like a massive bug, honestly: how does it not trigger it when scouting an accursed camp does? It is also completely devoid of crafter thralls. It overall feels very artificial and fake, not like the pirate capital on the other side of the map.

If others come up, I will be sure to add them to the post. Overall, however, I think the update is GREAT. It made the experience on Siptah SO MUCH BETTER. I CANNOT wait for the additional landmass and religion to arrive!

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