Some thoughts on Siptah

Firstly I’d like to say that visually it is stunning, even hair is now shiny and full of life so well done team. I frequently find myself stopping to check out the views and the ambience.

I’m also loving the ambience although the ‘lightning cracks’ are very loud and I think that they could afford to be turned down a bit (I’ve had to turn all my sound effects down to almost nothing which helps but then I’m not hearing other things) a slider for that noise alone would be fantastic.

When I found out there would no longer be villages to raid for thralls I was a bit concerned however the surges seem to drop plenty of them about the place. I’m enjoying not having purges spawn on or in my building so I consider this method to be preferable. It has to be said though that unless they are engaged with the wildlife they are just standing there like stunned mullets which kind of breaks the immersion. I’m not sure if you guys have considered having them wandering around a bit trying to figure out why they are there. Also they tend to teleport back to their spawn spots after engaging for a short amount of time, maybe if they walked back to their spawn location it would not break immersion so.

I’ve noticed a few enemies in the game are doing the race back to spawn spot and insta healing, are you wanting us to report these or is the team aware?

Overall I’m very happy with the DLC so a big thank you to the team


Hey there,

The surge sound issue should be resolved with Hotfix 2.0.2:

If this issue persists, please post a comment in the above thread.

For bugs, please check the PC Bugs and Isle of Siptah subforums for existing threads on each issue and post there. Otherwise, please make a seperate thread for each issue.

See [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines for how to report issues.

You may post Isle of Siptah or Update 2.0 related issues on the Isle of Siptah subforums. They will be seen regardless. If posting on the PC Bug subforums, include Isle of Siptah as location where relevant.

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Mobs running back to spawn and healing are an anti-cheese mechanic, its intended im 99% sure

Pretty sure they aren’t supposed to insta heal anymore though

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